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 Tummy fat is one of the difficult body fats that are harder to loose. It requires exercise, dieting and commitment. And if you stop committing to the ways of loosing fat, then it will come back to make you feel miserable once again. It is clear for everyone that cutting meals can result in loosing weight but it should be done wisely with exercise. Besides we need to make note on the kind of foods we have to avoid or reduce greatly. 

Your meal need to be rich in protein because it is the protein that builds cells. Whenever possible try taking the fat less version of any food stuff. For example if you are buying yoghurt, buy fat free yoghurt and if you want to eat chicken, discard the skin which is fatty. 

The other tip is about taking your meal small in size but in a short time interval. This will greatly reduce your appetite and so decrease the amount of food intake and hence helping reduce the size of the stomach. 

Skipping meals may seem to help loose fat. It may help you loose fat if you are consistent but it is not achievable for most people. This is what happens when skipping meals. Our appetite doubles as we miss a meal and when we get the chance to eat, we eat till our stomach aches. 

The other crucial tip we most often ignore is taking heavy meal before going to bed. This need to be avoided as much as possible. It is because the body will be resting as you go to bed and it is in a state where it needs very less energy which can result in accumulation of excess calories as fat. So either avoid hard meal during night times or take your meal early so you may have the time to move arround before going to bed. Hope these tips help.  





3 Tips To Belly Fat Loss

January 19th, 2012 1 comment

Belly fat is one of the embarrassing fat one can have because you can’t hide it. Even if you want to wear your favorite jeans, it protrudes over the jeans and looks awful. No one is happy about having belly fat but everybody knows that it takes courage and commitment to get rid of those unsightly body fats. Besides to be in good shape, you have to loose body fats in other places too. 

One helpful tip to reduce tummy fat is walking everyday for about thirty minutes. Walking is a kind of sport and as your whole body is moving, it helps reduce fat. If the environment is hot you may want to carry a bag of water to keep you hydrated. As you keep on doing it everyday, sure you will get used to it and you will feel better than before especially if you have not been moving that much before. 

How I wish if life was that simple. Imagine how simple life would have been if you can achieve anything you want in life without so much effort. If it was so, no one would be obese. This is the key to living on planet earth – effort and commitment are prerequisites for good things to happen. Of course you can do it the easy way and this article is trying to explain how to achieve your goals of loosing belly fat the easy way. 

To make the commitments easy for you, find out what motivates you. Once you find out what motivates you, it will be easier to follow those routines until it becomes second nature. One of the biggest motivations of all is knowing that excess body fat can do more harm to you that not having it. All sorts of medical problems including hypertension and heart attacks are closely related to having excess body weight. And it is in your best interest to avoid these calamities of life. 

So to achieve your goal of taking a routine workout, first start with walking. As you keep on walking everyday, you will find it easy to get involved with other body workouts. Also having a friend that can join you in your walks or exercises could make all the difference in the routine. The other important factor to remember is that you shouldn’t give appointment to start your workouts. As it takes little time when starting, no excuse to postpone until favorable time comes. SO the time to start doing it is now.

Simple Belly Reduction tips that work

January 16th, 2012 Comments off

The best natural way of losing belly fat is no other thing than excercise. Most people search for the quick fix or rather the majic pill that will rip their belly fat instantly and they just couldn’t wait to see the day that their belly flattens. The wish is but only a mere wish if we are not determined to get up and do something about it. And the safest and most natural thing to deal with belly fat is physical excercise. As we know it, in our time there are lots of challenges that hinder our goal’s achievement. One of the challenge is that technology has made almost everything easy. Machines do our job and decrease our activity significantly. Even though we can not live without vehicles, we have become totally dependent on them even for a mile.

And when we come to sport machines, most are really good. But there are some passive sporting machines that contract and relax your muscles without your involvement. Can you see how people are getting lazier by the day. We are watching all sorts of fitness machines advertisement these days and some are total waste of time and money. I read some article that says get the job done without lifting a finger. and that is exactly where technology tends to take us into. Even physics says a work done need to involve moving from one place to another. So keep in mind that it is always necessary to move your body inorder for it to sustain itself.

Now if we are convinced that making movements and doing physical work like exercises is necessary, we need to tackle the common problem of achieving our goal of routine exercise. This is vey simple but effective way of sustaining your physical exercise habit. Just find somebody or a group of people who are onto excercises regularly. You may also want to join a gym just to do physical exercises regularly and get all the courage from fellow friends. This will keep you going.

The other tip to remember is that you need to choose the type of excercise that will not wear you out. I.e do not do beyond your ability. Just choose a comfortable excercise that will help you reduce belly fat and keep you in good shape. For example if you take swimming, it is effective not only in the flatenning of your belly but it will also keep your body in good shape because the sport requires the movement of the whole body. It is aslo fun too. Now you may think of another exercice you will most likely get used to it and make it your hobby. If you are determined with a strong will power, you can do it.

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