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Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench

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Title : Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench

Build a solid core and strengthen your abs, back, legs, and more with the Apex hyper extension bench. It’s constructed with a 2-in x 2-in heavy-duty tube frame and has comfortable deluxe boxed upholstery and padded grips.Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench allows you to get off the floor to stretch and strengthen your core abdominal and back muscles for improved fitness. This sturdy chair is well constructed and easy to set up with simple instructions. Designed to last for years of use, the Apex bench provides a more comfortable way to work your core muscle groups. With padded handles and adjustable two-foam leg holders, it is possible to perform challenging exercises without a trainer or spotter. Your legs are held in place by the supports, and you are able to hyperextend your abdominals, accessing more muscle groups.

Boasting a super-sturdy heavy-gauge steel-tubing frame, the sleek bench will tuck into the corner of a room when not in use, and high-density deluxe boxed upholstery will hold up over time. Whether you would like to build and maintain six-pack abs or strengthen your core to ease back pain and improve your posture, the Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench is a safe and solid way to target your goals.



This exercise machine is built for optimum safety.  However, certain precautions apply whenever you operate a piece of exercise equipment.  Be sure to read the entire manual before you assemble or operate your machine.  In particular, note the following safety precautions:

1.  Keep children and pets away from the machine at all times.  DO NOT          

      leave  children unattended in the same room with the machine.

2.  Only one person at a time should use the machine.

3.  If the user experiences dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal

      symptoms, STOP the workout at once.  CONSULT A PHYSICIAN


4.  Position the machine on a clear, leveled surface.  DO NOT use the machine

      near water or outdoors.

5.  Keep hands away from all moving parts.

6.  Always wear appropriate workout clothing when exercising.  DO NOT wear

      robes or other clothing that could become caught in the machine.  Running

      or aerobic shoes are also required when using the machine.

7.  Use the machine only for its intended use as described in this manual.  DO

      NOT use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.

8.  Do not place any sharp object around the machine.

9.  Disabled person should not use the machine without a qualified person or  

      physician in attendance.

10. Before using the machine to exercise, always do stretching exercises to

      properly warm up.

11. Never operate the machine if the machine is not functioning properly.






Consumer Review
Apex Roman Chair
I am very satisfied with the Apex Chair. I used one many years ago in a gym. I looked on line and found it on Apex instructions were very easy to follow. This peace of equipment is very well constructed and is very good for your lower back and abs.

Business Source 16479 Index Dividers, 8-Tab, 11 in.x8-1/2 in., White Stock/Clear T abs

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Title : Business Source 16479 Index Dividers, 8-Tab, 11 in.x8-1/2 in., White Stock/Clear T abs

Index dividers feature insertable, tear-resistant tabs and are compatible with laser and inkjet printers. Dividers are made with recycled material.

Consumer Review

ProSelect ABS Plastic Modular Kennel Cage Replacement Floor Tray, Large

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Title : ProSelect ABS Plastic Modular Kennel Cage Replacement Floor Tray, Large

This replacement floor tray is made of resilient, easy-to-clean ABS plastic. Designed to fit all modular kennel cages. Available in large size. Measures 26-inch length by 20-inch width by 1-1/2-inch height.

Consumer Review

Ab Gymnic Belt

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Title : Ab Gymnic Belt

ABGYMNIC is an electric pulsating muscle toning device that will firm, tone, and tighten, your upper abs, lower abs, love handles, and basically all other parts of your body you wish to firm and tone. ABGYMNIC replaces monotonous sit ups and exercise. Only 10 minutes you can exercise your abdominal muscles approximately 600 times – can you imagine how many sit ups you would have to do to achieve the same results? ABGYMNIC will work you out while watching TV, shopping, working, walking. Anyplace. In a fraction of the time it would take to do all those sit ups!!!!

Consumer Review
Worth Every Penny
At first i bought this thinking it will work good, and it didnt it worked great i only owned it a while and already burned ll the fat and is giving me awesome abs. If you are hesitating on buying it because you think its not good because of the low cost but trust me it works

Revolution Abdominal Cuts Midsection Formula Diet Supplements, 120 Count

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Title : Revolution Abdominal Cuts Midsection Formula Diet Supplements, 120 Count
ASIN : B0029ZYO24

When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise the ingredients in ab cuts supplement the body with an array of healthy oils that assist with body fat reduction. Revolution AB cuts contains naturally occurring, healthy oils that are clinically tested to reduce body fat. AB cuts contains absolutely no stimulants. AB cuts also utilizes a progressive form of liquid gel technology, making each capsule small and easy to swallow.

Consumer Review
Read into what you are taking!
Ive been taking these for three months now and i can tell when i take them in a workout and when i dont take them. First off they supply oil to your joints which is going to make a huge difference in your workouts if you are actually busting your butt. Now these are fatty fish oils which means if you are taking them you better be working out because you will see weight gains if you dont. I see so many people complaining about the first few weeks of taking them. Well you cant expect anything you take to work that fast…. Cmon the pills arent going to do it for you. Its exercise and diet people. The pills are going to help in the long run when your body gets used to them. They are not just used for weight loss either.
Findings show omega-3 fish oil may help to:
Lower blood pressure.
Reduce triglycerides.
Slow the development of plaque in the arteries.
Reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm.
Reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke.

L’Oreal Body Expertise Sublime Slim – ABS, 6.7 oz

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Title : L’Oreal Body Expertise Sublime Slim – ABS, 6.7 oz

L’Oreal Body Expertise Sublime Slim Tightening and Toning Treatment Gel, Abs – 6.7 oz

Consumer Review
excellent service
My product was delivered quick & in good condition! is really good at getting things delivered!Thank-you!Deb

Men’s Health: 6 Weeks to a 6 Pack: Sculpt rock-hard abs with the fastest muscle-up, slim-down program ever created!

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Title : Men’s Health: 6 Weeks to a 6 Pack: Sculpt rock-hard abs with the fastest muscle-up, slim-down program ever created!

Are you ready to take your shirt off at the beach? Men’s Health: 6 Weeks to a 6-Pack will help you get there. It’s the magazine’s newest step-by-step program for losing belly fat and building abs that show! Drawing from the latest research in exercise physiology and nutrition, it provides the most cutting-edge advice and action plans for sculpting rock-hard abs by the time you hit the sand. What’s inside: workouts that can burn up 200 calories in just 8 minutes; dozens of science-backed secrets for boosting metabolism and targeting belly fat; core workouts that will whip anyone into shape; dozens of belly-shedding recipes and nutrition tips; and instructional photos of 50 all-time best abs exercises. Plus, a special bonus chapter: 100 world-class workout secrets from America’s top trainers. Edited by New York Times best-selling author of The Belly Off! Diet, Jeff Csatari, Men’s Health: 6 Weeks to a 6-Pack is designed to help you turn stubborn belly fat into lean, hard muscle.

Consumer Review
This is how you get a six pack
I’ve been training for about 9 years now and while I’ve never competed, I’ve dieted down to 5-6 % body fat levels just to see what it takes.

I bought this book simply because I like to get more educated in the field and found it very comprehensive and full of helpful tips and advice on how to get lean. The title is a bit misleading in that it can take longer than 6 weeks to see your abs depending on what kind of shape you’re in when you begin, but I think we all know that it’s just a marketing angle.

Getting shredded really is just a matter of arithmetic: you need to expend more calories than you consume. If you don’t follow this simple principle, no amount of crunches will matter. The bottom line is you need to restrict your caloric intake and exercise to burn more calories. When you do it right, your body burns fat and (for the most part) preserves muscle. You can also use fat-burning supplements to increase the number of calories your body burns each day, but…

NuTone Model LK30ABS Light Kit, Contemporary Alabaster Bowl, Brushed Steel Trim

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Title : NuTone Model LK30ABS Light Kit, Contemporary Alabaster Bowl, Brushed Steel Trim

Light Kit – Contemporary Bowl, Alabaster, Brushed Steel Fitter

Consumer Review

Dual LU43PB Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Black)

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Title : Dual LU43PB Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Black)
ASIN : B00081NX5U

The Dual 4 inch outdoor speaker series is designed as a multipurpose speaker and will deliver accurate high fidelity sound in exterior or interior environments. Weather-resistant design and construction provide optimum durability for permanent or temporary outdoor use. 100 watts peak -50 watts RMS. Polyelite woofer with PVA surround. 40mm polypropylene cone midrange, 20mm Piezo tweeter.

Enjoy great audio out on the deck or patio with this pair of Dual LU43PB multipurpose indoor/outdoor speakers in black, which offer a weather-resistant design and construction that provides optimum durability for permanent or temporary outdoor use. These three-way passive speakers feature a 4-inch polypropylene woofer with rubber surround, 25mm poly cone midrange, and 20mm Piezo dome tweeter that pump out 50 watts of RMS power (and can handle up to 100 watts of sound). They’re enclosed by a UV-treated ABS enclosure, which is wall mountable and can swivel to send music where it’s needed with the included multi-angle mounting brackets. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty. Each speaker measures 8.25 x 5.25 x 5.25 inches (HxWxD).

Consumer Review
Great Value
I got these speakers to replace an old pair on my boat. Boat duty is rough on speakers. The installation was easy. Good hardware and terminals. The speakers are made to stand on their end or be hung from metal brackets. I used the brackets and found the thumb nuts to firmly lock the speakers in position. The sound output is good. Being on the water high back ground noise requires you to drive your speakers pretty hard. Bass is a little light.All to be seen is how well they stand up to the elements.

Actron CP9580A Enhanced AutoScanner Plus with Code Connect, Trilingual, OBD II, CAN and Expanded ABS Coverage

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Title : Actron CP9580A Enhanced AutoScanner Plus with Code Connect, Trilingual, OBD II, CAN and Expanded ABS Coverage

This updated Enhanced Auto Scanner with CodeConnect, Trilingual, OBD II, CAN and Expanded ABS Coverage Scan Tool will revolutionize the way you fix your vehicle. It has been updated from over 3 million fixes to over 4.3 million verified fixes specific to the vehicle’s make, model, year and engine. CodeConnect provides actual fixes to the problem causing the check engine light to illuminate – providing the fix from the CodeConnect database. AutoScanner Plus will indicate on the screen which codes have the CodeConnect details available. Then it’s a simple push of the button to get the CodeConnect information. These actual vehicle fixes have been reported and then verified by Actron’s team of ASE certified technicians. This Actron’s AutoScanner Plus includes domestic ABS code coverage and now includes Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Hyundai for 1996-2009 vehicles, record and playback data stream and on-screen graphing. This AutoScanner with CodeConnect has the following new features: CodeConnect, record and playback live engine data, display live real time data, ABS code read/erase capability for most 1996 and newer vehicles, custom data list for live data, graph live data, displays all 9 modes of global OBD II data, and displays enhanced code definitions. It has optional battery power, field updateable via USB port as well as the ability to print data to your PC. Other features include the ability to display OBD II generic and manufacturer specific codes and definitions on screen as well as read and display live engine data, MIL status, diagnostic trouble codes, I/M monitors (emissions), pending diagnostic trouble codes, freeze frame data (snapshot of vehicle data at the time of the fault), VIN number, CVN and CAL ID, state OBD check, code lookup library and OBD II drive cycle mode.

The Enhanced Actron CP9580A AutoScanner Plus OBD II, CAN & ABS Scan Tool is the ultimate choice in handheld automotive diagnostic scan tools. It is suitable both for advanced automotive do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) and automotive professionals alike. Not only does it capture and analyze data like other scan tools, but it also can help you prioritize troubleshooting with access to the most probable solution based on top reported fixes specific to the vehicle’s make, model, year and engine. Additional features include live engine data, graph live data, freeze frame data, drive cycle mode, print functionality and much more.

Compatible with OBD-II and CAN vehicles 1996 and newer, and includes expanded Asian and ABS code coverage
The Advanced Handheld Scanner That Troubleshoots for You

Since the 1980′s standardized Onboard Diagnostic systems (first OBD-I and currently OBD-II) mandated for virtually all cars and light trucks manufactured for the US market have provided automotive technicians, and increasingly DIYers with insight into the increasingly complex inner workings of modern passenger vehicles. Traditionally professional grade diagnostic results required large and/or expensive scanning tools to translate diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and other data generated by the internal computer networks of your vehicle when the check engine/malfunction indicator light (MIL) on the dashboard goes off. Now there is a much better way using the Actron CP9580A AutoScanner Plus Scan Tool.

CodeConnect quickly pinpoints and suggests fixes specific to your vehicle

The Enhanced CP9580A AutoScanner Plus with CodeConnect does way more than just displaying the trouble codes and definitions seen in other handheld scan tools. At the touch of a button it can also actually help prioritize troubleshooting using the top reported fixes related to these codes, specific to your vehicle’s make, model, year and engine. Once codes register on the device, AutoScanner Plus indicates on screen which codes have the CodeConnect details available. To gain access to these possible fixes, all the user needs to do is push the CodeConnect button in the middle of the keypad and the most probable solutions according to the data on file will be displayed. CodeConnect is a comprehensive database of 4.3 million ASE verified fixes for the trouble codes that cause the check engine light to illuminate, providing a shortcut for troubleshooting efforts. Advanced functionality built into AutoScanner Plus also includes advanced domestic ABS code coverage allowing read/erase capability for most 1996-2010 GM, Ford and Chrysler and 1996-2009 Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Nissan vehicles (click to see an ABS compatibility chart). Additional features include LIVE engine data, graph LIVE data, freeze frame data, drive cycle mode, updateable (via USB port), print functionality and much more.

What’s in the Box?

Actron CP9580A AutoScanner Plus, user’s manual.

Automotive Analysis Tools to Suit Every Need

With over 40 years of experience manufacturing affordable automotive diagnostic tools, Actron features a product line that has something for everyone regardless of your level of experience. Check out the table below for current models of Actron scan tools available and their available features. Click the model number at the top of the table for further details.

Actron diagnostic tool product comparision chart
One-Year Limited Warranty

SPX warrants to the original purchaser of this product that it is free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year from date of delivery. This warranty does not cover any unit that has been abused, altered, used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, or used in a manner inconsistent with instructions regarding use.

About Actron, an SPX Brand

A business unit of SPX Service Solutions, Actron has a 40-year tradition as a leading manufacturer of cost-effective, high-performance automotive diagnostic and test equipment. SPX Service Solutions designs, manufactures and markets a fully integrated family of global brands providing specialty service tools, advanced diagnostic and shop equipment, inspection and gauging systems, training and technical information for vehicle servicing and maintenance.

Consumer Review
Actron CP9580A Enhanced – Good Scanner for the Auto Enthusiast
I guess I’m kind of picky when it comes to tools and testers for my vehicles. I have a 2012 FORD F-150 (EcoBoost Engine), and really didn’t “need” a code scanner to diagnose a particular problem. However I try to stay up with what technology is available for the backyard mechanic. Additionally, I have not had good experiences at the dealership as far as diagnosing engine issues. So my first line of defense FOR MY OWN KNOWLEDGE was to buy a good code scanner, that would tell me more than just what is causing the check engine light to display.

The Actron CP9580A Enhanced Scanner did just that. It goes WAY beyond the check engine light, giving you real time data on how your engine is performing . . . or not performing! And if a problem is developing, I would rather be proactive and do the research myself, rather than have the dealership tell me a laundry list of techno-talk that may or may not be entirely true. The Actron CP9580A Enhanced does everything it is…

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