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Abs Revealed

July 7th, 2013

Title : Abs Revealed
ASIN : 0736086501

Chiseled abs, a defined midsection, and a powerful core require more than sit-ups, crunches, and the latest miracle diet. To achieve true six-pack success, you’re going to need a plan—one based on the most effective exercises and sound programming. You need Abs Revealed.

In Abs Revealed, award-winning personal trainer Jonathan Ross provides a complete program for strengthening, sculpting, and maintaining your midsection. More than a collection of exercises, Abs Revealed shows you how to fire your ab muscles regardless of your current fitness level, identify your goals, and develop a personalized workout program to fit your schedule with progressions built in for quick and clear results.

This results-oriented, step-by-step guide also includes more than 60 core exercises, ready-to-use workout plans, and advice on integrating abdominal development into cardio and strength routines. Moreover, you’ll discover strategies for applying the latest research on diet and nutrition to enhance and maintain muscle definition and tone throughout the year.

If you’re tired of doing endless crunches with limited results, let Abs Revealed show you a better way. With proven plans and personalized programming, it’s your step–by-step guide to six-pack success.

Consumer Review
This book reveals so much more than just your abs!
I’m reading through my copy of Abs Revealed and just have to say “WOW!” Love this book already and Ross’ professional and straight forward approach. This book is for men AND women (although the cover pic and “six-pack” success may intimidate some women) and really offers instruction for getting great looking abs, as well as better overall core strength, health and fitness. Ross taps in to his years of experience and expertise to craft a book full of ideas and innovative exercises that are easily modified to fit someone at any fitness level (which also means they grow with you as your own strength increases).

The first three chapters or 40 pages, cover Core Concepts including ideas about strength, stability, cardio and diet. I really like how Ross is able to articulate concepts so they are easily understood and applied to my every day life. He addresses myths and misconceptions in shaded highlight boxes and provides his “reality” answers, which are thoughtful and…

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