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July 19th, 2013

Title : Abstract Theory

Japanese version featuring a bonus track: “Spin”.

Consumer Review
A good album from ex-member of boy-band 5ive
I’ve been a fan of 5ive since 1999 and when they announced that they were breking up, I was crushed. But when Abs Breen said that he was coming back, I was feeling better since I thought that he was the most talented of the group. So here is the review of his first album Abstract Theory track by track.
1. Stop Sign, 8/10: At first listen, it sounded a bit like an Aaron Carter song but after a few listenings,it sounds great especially the bridge.
2. Miss Perfect, 9/10: great song featuring Nodesha
3. What You Got, 7/10: OK song
4. 7 Ways, 10/10: My favorite song, the bridge is fantastic cuz he sings it really fast.
5. Back To The Limbo, 7/10: Limbo song
6. Rain, 9/10: First ballad of the album, really great, he sings about his girl leaving him.
7. Turn Me Up, 8/10: Great up-tempo song.
8. Lovers Rock, 6.5/10: Another ballad, sounds like a 5ive song.
9. Roll With Me, 6/10: Slow song, sounds like another 5ive song.
10. Emotional 5/10: I…

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