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Top Secret Nutrition Xat-7 Anabolic Fat Burner Capsules, 14 Count

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Title : Top Secret Nutrition Xat-7 Anabolic Fat Burner Capsules, 14 Count

XAT-7 is a new breed of far burning supplement that encompasses seven scientifically based metabolic strategies to annihilate fat at its core, while creating an anabolic enviroment to protect muscle. Top Secret nutrition has pushed fat loss supplementation to an entirely new level with XAT-7, assembling a totally unique combination of clinically studied ingredients to burn fat, spare muscle, and keep you feeling great during the entire process.

Consumer Review
Great Energy Kick!
I have only used it for a few days. 14 capsules isn’t enough to really gage whether it’s working or not. I ordered the 80 capsules to see if I lose any weight. I did use it prior to my workout and got a great pump. I did take 2 capsules (even though I probably shouldn’t)

Gat Jet Fuel AQX Capsules, 90 Count

November 29th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Gat Jet Fuel AQX Capsules, 90 Count
ASIN : B00AO793W0

To achieve a truly cut physique, you need to dry out excess subcutaneous water. That’s why gat researchers developed new once daily gat jet fuel AGX with micron RD. Jet fuel AQX is a powerful drug free formula that is strong enough to support the advanced male or female user in search of their most cut physique ever.

Consumer Review
Awesome Diuretic
I took AQX before going on a vacation recently just to get rid of some of the extra water for hitting the beach. AWESOME! It didn’t make me jittery or make me feel like I was falsly dropping water weight due to caffeine. Took it for 7 days and after about 3, I knew I was shedding water. Excellent product and I highly recommend!

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Nx Labs Caffeine Free Slimquick Ultra Fat Burner

November 28th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Nx Labs Caffeine Free Slimquick Ultra Fat Burner

Slimquick Ultra Caffeine Free Calorie Burner is designed to address six ways that women lose weight. It uses clinically researched key ingredients that work in a unique combination to Burn Calories and Carbs. The Slimquick Ultra Caffeine Free Calorie Burner formula offers 300% the weight-loss power vs. diet alone. Offers female Weight Loss like no other! Slimquick Ultra Caffeine Free Calorie Burner Helps: Burn Calories‚ Provide Antioxidants‚ Reduce Stress‚ Increase Metabolism‚ Burn Carbs‚ Reduce Fatigue. Lose up to 3x the Weight vs. diet alone! In a multi-centered double blind clinical study‚ women consuming a key component in the Slimquick Ultra formula twice daily lose an avege of three times the weight as placebo (24.6 lbs vs. 8.1 lbs) in only 90 days! Both groups consumed a reduced calorie diet of 1350 calories per day. Caffeine Free. Jitter-Free Formula. With Super-Antioxidant Acai. Slimquick Ultra Caffeine Free 6 Ways Complex: Green tea Extract

Consumer Review
Diet pills that work
I would recommend to any woman who want to get on the road to weight loss to try these pills they do work!

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Optimum Nutrition Complete Diet Boost, 120 Capsules

November 15th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Optimum Nutrition Complete Diet Boost, 120 Capsules

Dietary Supplement. Burn more fat. Supports energy levels and alertness. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)

Optimum Nutrition Logo COMPLETE DIET BOOST

Nutrition Information

Complete Diet Boost
At a Glance:
bullet Advanced thermogenic weight-loss formula
bullet Caffeine from five sources: guarana extract, green tea extract, yerba mate, kola nut extract, and metabromine-G
bullet Milligrams of diet boost blend: 1,418
bullet Capsules per serving: two
bullet Vitamins and minerals: nine

Optimum Nutrition’s Complete Diet Boost is specifically formulated to be used with our popular Complete Protein Diet weight-loss system. But Complete Diet Boost is so versatile, it’s sure to become every dieter’s best friend. Its synergistic blend of herbs and host of metabolic cofactors make Complete Diet Boost one of the most advanced weight-loss formulas out there.

Quality Counts: GMP Certified Products
Optimum Nutrition’s commitment to quality is evident throughout the entire product development process. As a continued measure of quality, all vendors must provide a Certificate of Analysis for each raw material supplied. The certified analyses are also verified through random in-house and independent laboratory testing. To further diminish any chance of physical, chemical, and microbiological contaminants, ON has established and implemented a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. Quality assurance professionals make routine checks on all storage, blending, and production areas and conduct daily inspections.

Optimum Nutrition: True StrengthAbout Optimum Nutrition: True Strength
Since 1986, Optimum Nutrition has been supporting the nutrition goals of elite athletes and goal-driven individuals around the world. Building on a foundation of company owned and operated production facilities, unparalleled manufacturing expertise, and uncompromising quality standards, ON continually strives to bring athletes and active individuals sports nutrition solutions designed to make a real difference in performance. Whether your goals involve strength, speed, power, endurance – or any combination – ON supplements work as hard as you do. Realize your True Strength with the quality and innovation leader.

What’s in the Box
Optimum Nutrition Complete Diet Boost, 120 capsules.

Consumer Review
I use it to replace coffee, does not suppress hunger.
To start with I don’t think the name of this product should be diet boost instead should be energy boost… I used to drink a lot of coffee and I started having problems with heartburn so I switched to this pills, now it take two pills in the morning before breakfast and 2 pills after lunch about 2 o’clock that seems to keep me energize all day without keeping me up at night, keep in mind that I used to drink a lot of coffee so people that are not used caffeine should start with one pill in the morning and one pill a lunch and see how that works.

Purus Labs Fat Smack Xr Time Release, 90 Count

October 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Title : Purus Labs Fat Smack Xr Time Release, 90 Count

Fat Smack xr possesses the most clinically researched ensemble of lipolytic/thermogenic ingredients the supplement market has to offer. This formula was carefully engineered to increase fatty acid mobilization, enhance thermogenisis, bolster mental acuity, provide nervous system stimulation, and of course, the end result is weight loss. Every singular ingredient has been included at the exact research-validated oral dosage elucidated through human-based, peer-reviewed clinical trials to bring forth a synergistically potent weight-loss aid. Key componets include enteric coated extended release caffien anhydrous beadlets, pungent vanilloid receptor agonizing capsaicinoids, highly specialized catechin extract of EGCG from Green Tea and Cissus Quadrangularis stanardized for ketosteroid content.

Consumer Review
First 3 Days of Use
I used to do a lot of weight training(power-lifting). I was used to taking various kinds of legal supplements, peaking at about $500 a month in natural supplementation. I have taken tribestan, yohimbe bark extract, DHEA, Creatine, the infamous “hot stuff” (since banned), and nearly anything else that ever hit the market between 1996 and 2001. I admit I was not too smart back then. Apparently, I am not too smart now.

When I saw this product, I immediately jumped at the chance to give it a try. 10 minutes after taking a single pill with food in the morning, I felt an unusual, but tolerable, burning sensation in my throat. About 45 minutes later, I felt an increased energy level. My appetite was clearly suppressed at this point and did not return for hours. I then took a second pill in mid-afternoon with a small snack. I did this for 3 days. During that time, my energy levels clearly increased on a consistent level to the point I had some minor issues going to sleep…

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Bio Science Institute Absolute Fuel Xtreme — 120 Capsules

September 29th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Bio Science Institute Absolute Fuel Xtreme — 120 Capsules

Hardcore Formula Naturally promotes physical and mental stamina, optimum strength and extreme focus cut and defined physique

Consumer Review
Great product
The long sustained energy was fantastic and helped me shed a few unwanted pounds and i didnt have a bad crash or jittery feeling after I took it…would use again for another cut

iSatori MX-LS7 High-Performance Fat Burner, 120 Capsules

September 28th, 2013 Comments off

Title : iSatori MX-LS7 High-Performance Fat Burner, 120 Capsules

Dietary Supplement. MX-LS7. High-performance fat burner. Rapid bio-diffusion delivery. Maximum thermogenic intensity. Isatori, where scientific integrity and constant innovation never stand still, has taken their original clinically researched Lean System 7 formula and amped up the intensity and thermogenic impact with the most powerful, cutting-edge ingredients known to science: to create MX-LS7, Maximum Strength Lean System 7 – the high performance fat burner. MX-LS7, with its newly developed rapid bio-diffusion delivery technology, starts working fro the very first dose to maximize thermogenesis and eliminate unwanted body fat via three important mechanisms. First, MX-LS7 supports healthy thyroid functions converting low activity T4 to high activity T3, leading to a significant increase in metabolic rate and body heat. Next, MX-LS7 stimulates the cellular messenger cAMP (cyclic AMP) to regulate metabolic processes and positively mediate the effects of insulin and stimulate lipolysis for the conversion of fatty acids into the only form the body can burn off – instead of being stored as excess fat. Finally, the powerful fat-burning effects of MX-LS7 are enhanced with a proprietary complex of well-researched ingredients to improve brain ATP and increase blood flow and glucose to the brain, giving you laser-like focus and improved mental acuity for high-intensity, explosive workouts. MX-LS7. Nothing is faster. Nothing works better. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease).

Consumer Review
the best I’ve tried so far
This product is one of the best, if not potentially the best out there. I’ve tried several other thermogenics and none have matched the fat burning power or ease on the body as MX-LS7. I chose this product based on extensive research I compiled on the company and on the ingredients in MX-LS7. iSatoritech is very committed to providing quality products and they go far out of their way to ensure every ingredient is safe and effective. I appreciate the extensive clinical research that went into this product. ( for those who have written negative reviews on this product and/or do not fully understand the purpose of this product, please visit their website and do the research)
I’ve been taking this product to drop the final stubborn adipose tissue(fat) around my mid-section. So far during the month I’ve been taking it, I’ve dropped 7lbs of fat and am close to my body fat% goal. I’ve maintained a fitness routine of alternating resistance training- cardio-core work outs Mon-Sat,…

Universal Nutrition Super Cuts 3, 130-Count

September 28th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Universal Nutrition Super Cuts 3, 130-Count

Super Cuts 3 is an ultra maximum potency formula engineered to help optimize fat metabolism, fat emulsification, fat burning, and enhance lean mass. Super Cuts 3′s proven formula contains key active ingredients such as L-Carnitine, herbal diuretics, insulin potentiators, natural energizers, and fat-emulsifying lipotropics. You’ll also get essential nutrients like vitamin B6, chromium and calcium. Use Super Cuts 3 with your exercise and nutrition regimen and see what happens.

Consumer Review
definitely worth it
I bought Super Cuts 3 because I’m a big fan of the benefits of L-Carnitine and Green Tea. 9 pills a day was a bit much but if you’ve ever tried anything from Universal you know it works so deal with it. Super Cuts 3 has no stims that’ll keep you up at night so its awesome to take before bed as well. The diuretic formula in here really helped me shed that bloated look I felt and made my body look leaner. Upper abs were more visable and chest looked more chissled. Overall id defintely recommend it to anyone. I’ve moved onto Beef Aminos and Sterol Complex so ill review those next. Hope this helped someone out.

Muscle Asylum Arson Liquid Capsules, 120 Diet Pills, Extreme Fat Burner, Weight Loss Loss Supplement

September 28th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Muscle Asylum Arson Liquid Capsules, 120 Diet Pills, Extreme Fat Burner, Weight Loss Loss Supplement

For individuals committed to getting inhumanly shredded. Arson Weight Loss pills is a legally insane fat burner that forces your body fat into a state of total meltdown. When other attempts to get shredded have failed, Arson is your only option. Molecularly designed with rare fat-burning compounds and extreme blood-boiling reactive substances, such as Cissus quadrangularis extract, Gamma-butyrobetaine eicosanoate, and Uridine-5 – monophosphoris acid disodium, Arson destroys fat. It’s shockingly potent formula is infused with a clinically proven ingredient that is guaranteed to help force unwanted pounds to peel off. After a single oral dose, severe thermogenesis is ignited. Your body has not choice but to reach its fat-burning flashpoint. Muscle Asylum Project Arson caps causes such disturbing results that you will literally look like a walking anatomy chart.

Consumer Review
More energy, more power, less weight…
I bought two of these (240 capsules) last fall for 60 bucks.
I used 2×2 capsules for a total of 4 each day for 2 months straight.

I’m not what you would call “fat” (16% body fat) but i wanted to get something to help me loose a couple of pounds while working out my usual way.

I started at 180lbs and after 2 months of workouts about 3-4 times a week with moderate cardio i lost 15 lbs. Not calculating for the Weight gained from muscle growth (down to 12% body fat).

It’s not a miracle pill, but take it as a supplement for improving your energy, power and a good fat burner. I also take Protein powder, fish oils, and vitamins.
I have tried Hydroxycut, Ripped fuel and some others, but this is the best for me. So try it, it may work for you too.

I also got some headaches when starting to take them, usually 2 times a week. Note that you should consume a lot of water which will help.
I don’t recommend taking these for longer than you…

Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock | Thermogenic Fat Burner | Explosive Energy Fat Burner | 120 capsuels

September 27th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock | Thermogenic Fat Burner | Explosive Energy Fat Burner | 120 capsuels

Weight Loss. High Energy. Fat Burner. Extreme Fat Loss. Explosive Energy. Mental Focus. Appetite Support. Super Concentrated 1 Capsule Dosage. NOTE: Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Use only as directed.

Consumer Review
I was really excited to try this product after doing my research on it. I was and currently using Cellucor’s C4 pre-work out drink mix and I love the product. So I decided to look into the company to see what else they have to offer. I only take one capsule in the morning and it works really well for me. It took about 4-5 days for me to see and feel the difference and ever since then I have been hooked. I have so much more energy through out the day considering I have an offrice job and by 2 PM I am usually feeling lathargic. But with the D4 I a can honestly feel the difference with my energy level. I have always been a very happy and bubbly person, but with this product I am even more happier even when I am having a stressful day. With the D4 in the morning and the C4 before my work out I can stay focused during my run and my weight lifting class. I feel that I have gotten more toned a lot quicker with the combination of working out and taking the D4 Thermal Shock. I know everyone is…

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