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Zumba Carpet Gliders for Shoes Promo Offer

January 13th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Zumba Carpet Gliders for Shoes
List Price : $15.00
Price : $11.25
Saved Price : $3.75

Review : Good idea, not a great product
These are not very well-made and certainly are over-priced even at the sale price that I paid. However, they do what they’re supposed to do which is make it easier to dance on carpet. But after two uses, I had to sew parts of it back together, specifically the elastic part to the ‘silky’ part. They don’t always stay on all the way and need adjustment at least twice throughout an hour of my dance work-out. They’re not the easiest to get on either which would have made me think that they’d stay on well. Prior to buying the slides, I used pieces of old tights to put over my sneakers which worked great–they just didn’t look as good but lasted a lot longer than the slides. I thought I’d give the slides a try when I caught a sale but I really can’t recommend spending the money on them.

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