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MyoTape Body Tape Measure

September 7th, 2013 Comments off

Title : MyoTape Body Tape Measure

Track all of your body measurements and progress as your muscles grow and your unwanted fat goes away. This is the perfect complement to the Accu-Measure brand of Body Fat Calipers. (However, if you want a MyoTape for FREE, it comes copacked with the purchase the FatTrack GOLD Digital Body Fat Caliper from AccuFitness.)

Consumer Review
Works as advertised
It works exactly how it should. And I’m going to respond to some comments that almost caused me not to buy the thing.

1. Can’t get an accurate measure because of 1″ intervals.

a) You’re using it wrong. The intervals are to keep it from recoiling on it’s own as you’re pulling it out. When you press the button to recoil, there are no intervals. (hint: read the directions) Also, this gave the same measurements as a standard tape measure.

2. Broken out of the box, bad clicking noise.

a) It’s a feature, not a defection. See answer above. You can also hold the button as you pull it out to avoid the clicking, but release the button when you’re done so it doesn’t recoil before you’re ready.

3. The pin keeps falling out.

a) I don’t know if it was the company’s intention, but I see this as a feature. The only time it pops out is if the tape isn’t straight and/or flush, which would give an inaccurate measurement anyway.

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