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Oatey 30916 ABS Extra Special Cement, Black, 4-Ounce

June 25th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Oatey 30916 ABS Extra Special Cement, Black, 4-Ounce

A medium bodied black cement recommended for use on ABS pipe and fittings up to 6” in diameter. Formulated especially for the hot, arid climates in the western states. For use in drain waste, and vent systems. For all nonpressure applications. Apply at temperatures 40 F. to 100 F. Joints should be cleaned first with cleaner to remove any debris, grease, or other foreign matter to ensure a proper solvent weld. NSF and UPC listed. Exceeds ASTM D 2235.

Consumer Review
Oatey ABS Cement
This is my first order from Amazon for this cement. It is the kind I could not find for years down in S.E. KY. Finally tried Amazon and would’t you know that it was being sold here! This allows me to repair ABS boxes and trunks on motorcycles and glue hand held radio battery cases and charger cases back together after repair.

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