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T-Jak TJ-104 Your Hard Working Helper

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Title : T-Jak TJ-104 Your Hard Working Helper
ASIN : B0000224ON

The T-JAKÂ cabinet support tool, model TJ-104 features a quick adjustment support range from 52 In. T-JAKÂ adjusts up to 84 In. It is a handy tool for many jobs and makes it easier for someone working alone to lift and hold heavy objects in place. The installer will set the cabinet on the T-JAKÂ, raise it close to the desired height, and then make the final precise adjustments to be perfectly level. Using the T-JAKÂ eliminates the need for bracing or cleats. The cabinet jack allows the installer to place shims behind the back of the cabinet when the walls are not straight or plumb. The T-JAKÂ safely supports all the different size wall cabinets.

Consumer Review
Great Tool – Real Timesaver
Anyone doing any cabinetry work or home remodeling will appreciate this tool. Sturdy, well designed, and perfect for fine height adjustments when mounting cabinets or shelves to walls. This tool made my kitchen remodel project much easier!

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Troy DPH11 Professional Series 11 Foot Drywall & Panel Lift Hoist

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Title : Troy DPH11 Professional Series 11 Foot Drywall & Panel Lift Hoist

Our Troy drywall lift is made from an all welded steel construction, tool-free assembly and teardown, single stage winch with brake, and can be used by one person. It has a 11-foot maximum reach for horizontal ceilings and a 15-foot maximum reach for walls (determined by the 11-foot max lift and half the length of drywall). It can hold a 4-by-16-foot single sheet capacity, with a 150 lbs load rating, has 5-inch casters, and weighs 110lbs. MaxTool also backs up this lift with a Two Year Warranty for parts or factory defects.

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Troy DPH11 Heavy Duty 11-Foot Drywall Lift

DPH11 Single Stage Winch
Single-stage winch with handle and braking mechanism for easy and secure lifting.
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Turn a Two Man Job into One

Drywall sheets can weigh up to 105 pounds making installation a two man (or even three man) job. With a Troy drywall lift, you can install full sheets of drywall in a fraction of the time and you can do it all on your own. The Troy drywall lift is easy to setup, simple to operate, and is built from commercial grade steel. It is rugged enough to be used on a professional job site and easy enough for a do-it-yourself job in your own home.

DPH11 Rubberized Feet
Backstop with rubberized feet prevents any movement of the drywall lift. Click to View


  • Eliminate risk of injury due to the heavy lifting and placing of drywall sheets
  • Welded steel construction
  • Single stage winch with brake
  • No tools required to assemble
  • Breaks down small enough to fit in the trunk of a car
  • Tilts laterally making it easy to install drywall on sloped ceilings
  • Backstop with Rubberized Feet: Prevents any movement of the drywall lift while drywall is loaded and in position for hanging on a wall. Once your lift is in place, simply flip the backstop down and your lift and sheet of drywall are secure.

    DPH11 Support Hooks
    Support hooks secure the drywall on the lift and prevents it from sliding off during placement.
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    Support Hooks: Secures the drywall on the lift and prevents it from sliding off during placement. Also helps pivot the drywall sheet into place so it is flush against the wall and adds support to prevent the edges of drywall sheets from getting crushed and broken.

    Telescoping Arms: Extend and allow you to hoist even monster 16-foot sheets of drywall. Sheets this size can weigh up to 105 pounds and would require a few people to install without a drywall lift.


  • Max reach for horizontal ceilings: 11 feet (15 feet with optional extension, sold separately)
  • Max single sheet capacity: up to 4-foot by 16-foot
  • Max Reach for walls: 15 feet (determined by the 11-foot max lift and half the length of a standard drywall sheet)
  • Max load rating: 150-pound capacity
  • Easy rolling heavy duty 5-inch casters
  • DPH11 Step 1DPH11 ArrowDPH11 Step 2DPH11 ArrowDPH11 Step 3
    Easy one person assembly.

    Consumer Review
    Just adequate
    I bought this hoist because I knew hanging 83 sheets of sheet rock would take to long to rent one with my schedule. Upon delivery I opened the box which was totally wrapped in packing tape and inspected it for quality. At first glance I was disappointed with the workmanship and design. But after tightening some bolts and assembly I was ready. Now for the test, a full 16′ sheet. Unfortunately the support arms only extend to 9′ so I needed to make “T” braces to hold the sheet ends up in place which worked fine. I even had no problems hanging 14′ 5/8″ fire code rock in my garage with 10′ ceilings. If I was a professional drywall contractor though I would modify it some to make it more durable and lengthen the support arms to extend 12′. Over all I am happy with this product for a one time job and it is definitely worth the $164.00 and I would buy it again if needed. So, hang away and be happy too!

    Pentagon Tool “Lazy Lifter” Professional 11Ft Drywall Lift Hoist

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    Title : Pentagon Tool “Lazy Lifter” Professional 11Ft Drywall Lift Hoist
    ASIN : B00149E822
    List Price : $449.95
    Price : $189.70
    Saved Price : $260.25

    If you are in the market for a drywall hoist, stop looking! These commercial quality lifts feature top grade steel, locking outriggers, and quick and easy assembly. Now you can install drywall without running to the local rental store and/or calling all of your buddies to help you finish your basement ceiling. Let the machine do the work and let your buddies enjoy their weekend at home. Today’s technology housed in a robust design will provide you with years of service. FEATURES: One person can easily handle and install drywall panels 4 X 16 feet. The optional extension bar allows you to lift the drywall 15 feet high, great for vaulted ceilings/great rooms. See our other listings. Platinum Series/Contractor Quality – not like the competition. 150 pound load capacity. Easily lifts drywall up to 13 feet (11 ft. + 1/2 the width of the drywall). Top grade/quality steel. Full tilting action for walls and ceilings. Locking outriggers for added security/stability. Quick and Easy Assembly – goes together in five minutes without tools. Heavy duty casters for improved performance. Minor assembly is required. FULL 3 YEAR WARRANTY!Featuring quality steel construction, a tilting design, and quick and easy assembly, the Lazy Lifter Professional 11-Foot Drywall Lift makes it possible for you to handle and install drywall panels by yourself. Ideal for home or commercial use, the Lazy Lifter is designed for panels measuring up to 4 by 16 feet. It can save you money by cutting installation time in half and reducing the number of people needed to complete a drywall job.

    callout box top
    Lazy Lifter Professional
    11-Foot Drywall Lift
    • Allows for one-person installation of 4-foot by 16-foot drywall panels

    • Lifts panels up to 11 feet horizontally, 15 feet vertically (optional extension bar increases horizontal lift to 15 feet and vertical lift to 19 feet)
    • Locking casters and foot stops secure lifter in place; foldable hooks and locking outriggers stabilize panels
    • Single-stage winch with handle and brake allows for one-handed lifting
    • 360-degree swivel cradle and 75-degree tilting action simplify panel positioning
    • Powder-coated steel construction and heavy-duty cable provide 150-pound load capacity
    • Quick, tool-free assembly
    • Full five-year limited warranty
    callout box bottom
    Lazy Lifter Professional 11-Foot Drywall Lift - Swivel cradle
    The swivel cradle and tilting action make it easy to position your panels. View larger.
    Lazy Lifter Professional 11-Foot Drywall Lift - Single-stage winch
    The single-stage winch with handle and braking mechanism allows for safe, easy lifting. View larger.

    Easy, One-Person Drywall Installation
    The Lazy Lifter Drywall Lift makes drywall installation a one-person job. It lets you spend time hanging with your friends–not hanging drywall with them. The Lazy Lifter does all the heavy work, so it takes the backache out of drywall installation, making it possible to hang panels safely–all day long. And perhaps best of all, it helps you get projects done less expensively and in less time.

    Durable Lifter Hoists Up to 15 Feet
    Featuring a heavy-duty cable and welded, powder-coated steel construction the Lazy Lifter is designed to last a lifetime. This sturdy device has a 150-pound load capacity, and it can hoist 4-foot by 16-foot drywall panels up to 11 feet in the air. When used with the optional extension bar, this versatile tool can even lift drywall all the way up to 15 feet–a handy feature for vaulted ceilings and great rooms. (Lift height is determined by the 11-foot max lift and the half-length of the drywall panel.)

    Rolling Design, One-Handed Crank, and Tilting Action for Easy Use
    The Lazy Lifter Drywall Lift is incredibly easy to use. To operate, simply roll the hoist to your work area–the locking casters and foot stops make it easy to safely secure the lift in place.

    Once the lift is in position, just turn the single-stage winch’s handle to raise the board–it’s so easy, you only need to use one hand. A brake mechanism on the wheel will help you keep things steady, and locking outriggers and foldable hooks on the panel support will stabilize your work pieces. And thanks to the Lazy Lifter’s 360-degree swivel cradle and 75-degree tilting action, you’ll have no trouble maneuvering your panels, even around slanted walls and vaulted ceilings.

    Assembly and Warranty Information
    The Lazy Lifter Drywall Lift requires only minimal, tool-free assembly and is backed by a full five-year limited warranty.

    What’s in the Box
    Lazy Lifter 11-Foot Drywall Lift and manual.

    Lazy Lifter Professional 11-Foot Drywall Lift
    The Lazy Lifter does the hard work for you, making it possible to safely hang drywall panels on your own.

    this is dangerous
    I am a customer home builder for the last 31 years. We rent a drywall lift couple times a year, but with business slow we are hanging our selves so I ordered this lift. It is not safe, my guys refuse to use it. The arms bend, the welds were broken in 2 areas when we opened the box, the mechanizm that is supposed to hold the drywall in place slips. We took it apart twice to see if we did something wrong, but it is a copy cat, looks the same but it is of very poor quality.

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