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Universal Decline Bench

June 18th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Universal Decline Bench

The surprisingly versatile, compact bench offers numerous core-strengthening exercises.

The simple, effective challenge of a free weight workout remains one of the most efficient ways to build strength and muscle mass. The Universal decline bench, from parent company Nautilus, offers a wide variety of core workouts, from sit-ups to twists and more. Users can choose from two decline positions, while eight-inch padded foam rollers keep feet comfortably and safely in place. The bench measures 17 by 23 by 45 inches (W x H x D) and has a 200-pound maximum user weight.

Compare these Weight Benches

Decline Bench
Five-Position Weight Bench
Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 3.1 Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1
$99.99 $169.99 $199.00 $279.00
Number of Positions 1 5 total
-10° / flat / +15° / +30° / +45°
4 total
-10° / flat / +45° / +90°
6 total
-17° / flat /+30° /+45° / +60° / +90°
Bench Description Single piece Single piece top
Standard seat
Single piece top
Rounded seat for legs
Two piece top
Rounded seat for legs
Leg Brace
Yes – fixed Yes – fixed Yes – Removable Yes – Removable
Maximum Weight
200 lbs     250 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs
(L x W x H)
45″ X 17″ X 25″ 51″ X 17″ X 25″ 56″ X 26″ X 20″ 56″ X 26″ X 20″
Assembled Weight
16.3 lbs 33.4 lbs 55.1 lbs 61.7 lbs
Frame: 2 years
Upholstery: 30 days
Frame: 2 years
Upholstery: 30 days
Frame: 2 years
Upholstery: 30 days
Frame: 2 year
Upholstery: 30 days

Consumer Review
Decent Product
SO I bought this incline bench for some good ab workouts, and all in all its not bad for the money. It arrive undamaged and on time. ( Which is always a plus) Like a previous review I too am 6′ tall and that really is about the max height. The padding on the bench is fairly comfortable. My only complaint is I dont think it is inclined enough. It has no adjusment so ive used a scrap piece of 4×4 to increase the incline. Other than that for the money I think its a good buy.

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