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Apple iPod Touch 16 GB (2nd Generation) OLD MODEL SALE

January 16th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Apple iPod Touch 16 GB (2nd Generation) OLD MODEL
List Price : $359.99
Price : $274.95
Saved Price : $85.04

Review : Hope you live in a temperate climate…
Obviously from all these other reviews this is by far the most functional product out there, and I’m not disputing that at all, I loved my Ipod touch, but they have a ridiculously short lifespan. The kicker is that if you as much as sweat on it or expose it to rapidly changing temperatures (as is common in the upper midwest) your warranty is voided and your Ipod might not last long at all.

I just lost an Ipod touch due to moister condensation from taking it from 30 degree weather to 70 degree weather. That created enough condensation to trip the water marker inside the Ipod which voids the warranty and shorted out the screen. To top it off; that one was actually a replacement for another Ipod touch because the first one I got had a phone jack that broke within a month of normal use, and then this one had a faulty screen due to “water damage” and now Apple conveniently doesn’t have to replace it anymore.

Just read some of the discussions on Apples site about…

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