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SLIM EXTREME 3D Super-Concentrated Modeling Bust Serum -TOTAL PUSH-UP EFFECT, 200mL

October 27th, 2014 Comments off

Title : SLIM EXTREME 3D Super-Concentrated Modeling Bust Serum -TOTAL PUSH-UP EFFECT, 200mL

Bust Serum is a concentrated formula intended for daily care for delicate breast. It lifts and firms breasts, stimulates cell renewals, strengthens the skin and improves its elasticity. Skin becomes more elastic and taught every day, the breasts are more full, round and firm.

Consumer Review
Moderate results
Well I ordered this product a few months ago. I picked this one because estrogen related breast cancer runs in my family, so absolutely nothing that will mess with my hormones will go on my body. This product just targets fat cells, and helps them to plump up a little bit. My girls are pretty uneven. Big bertha on the left (About a C cup) is a full size bigger than tiny tina on the right (about a B cup). That being said, I wanted something that would just help even them out a little bit. I used this product only on tina every day for about 8 weeks. It’s a nice rich cream that goes on easy and absorbs quickly. No tingling sensation here except for when I massage a bit too hard. Now, there’s probably just about a half cup size difference between the two of them. I can see that this product has made tina a bit bigger, and I am satisfied that the difference between the two of them is less noticeable now than it was before. There is still some product left and I will continue to use it…

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