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Abs Are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook: Over 200 Delicious Recipes Designed to Jump Start your Metabolism and Melt Fat Off. Fast.

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Title : Abs Are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook: Over 200 Delicious Recipes Designed to Jump Start your Metabolism and Melt Fat Off. Fast.
ASIN : B00ANB9462

Healthy. Fat Blasting. Delicious. Christina Carlyle’s popular (and addictive!) Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook has been called the ‘skinny version of the Cheesecake Factory’s Menu.’ Your tastebuds will dance as you dine guilt-free with best-selling recipes that are deliciously low-calorie, low-glycemic and full of flavor.

This cookbook is like having a nutritionist and dietician at your fingertips and will be your go-to guide for happy, healthy eating. With over 200 recipes ranging from beef to poultry, fish to pork, breakfasts, salads, sides, smoothies, and more there’s something for even the pickiest eater.

More than just any old cookbook, Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook also includes pro nutrition and diet tips that will have you mastering your metabolism and melting off fat fast. You will look, feel and eat great while losing weight.

Consumer Review
Great Variety and Selection of Recipes
Abs Are Made in the Kitchen is a great addition to Christina’s other book. It gives you a wide selection of foods you can prepare to control your calories and nutrition intake while not getting bored. They are well organized into categories so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

This is not just a cook book; it tells you when to time your meals and how many calories you should be getting at different times of the day to make your metabolism work more efficiently.

Did you know that 80% of the results you get are basted off of your diet? Wow what an impact that makes on your perspective of health and exercise. I absolutely recommend this great collection of recipes for everyone.

How to Get a Six Pack Fast – Get Ripped Abs Without Dieting in as Little as 10 Minutes a Day at Home

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Title : How to Get a Six Pack Fast – Get Ripped Abs Without Dieting in as Little as 10 Minutes a Day at Home

Author Note: Don’t get this report here. You can get 5 of my reports FREE (Brute Force Pull-Ups, Brute Force Push-Ups, Brute Force Biceps, JACKED, and How to Get a Six Pack) by getting my Effortless Exercise for Men book for the same price as this report.

If you’d like to have a set of ripped six pack abs in as little as 30 days, without dieting and in just minutes per day (without leaving home), then this new book will show you how some of the world’s top athletes do it.

And how YOU can, too — even if your stomach is soft and flabby now.

The book is called:

“How to Get a Six Pack – Get Ripped Abs Without Dieting in as Little as 10 Minutes a Day at Home”

This book is short (you can read it in 15 minutes).

And it’s for guys who don’t want to screw around with fluff or nonsense.

In fact, this book was written by world-class fitness expert, and is based on pure science used by some of the world’s top athletes (yet is virtually unknown to most fitness or exercise experts). It contains a simple “formula” for having the kind of rock hard, “wash board” abs women love to look at and touch, and that leave other guys wondering how you managed to get such a perfectly toned stomach devoid of any flabby skin or fat.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get reading this book:

  • Develop a ripped stomach within weeks that women can’t take their eyes (and hands) off of when you go to the beach or walk around without a shirt.
  • A faster metabolism that burns up fat quickly, and leaves you feeling full of energy all day long.
  • More strength and endurance throughout your entire body (due to strengthening your “core”).
  • Quick-acting weight loss where you see results in just days and weeks instead of months and years (and even when you eat “bad” foods!)
  • You’ll ooze confidence with your friends and co-workers begging you to tell them your secret. (Even most “fitness experts” are lucky to have a 4 pack — and can never really get rid of that pouch around their waist — but you will!)
  • Virtually eliminate your chances of getting diabetes and other abdominal fat related diseases. (Many diseases and health problems are directly related to having a flabby stomach — following the information inside will make those problems almost obsolete for you.)
  • Naturally look and feel younger than everyone else you know.
  • Chiseled abs that are rock hard and literally “punch proof” (go ahead and let your friends punch you in the gut — it’ll probably hurt them more than you!)
  • Eliminate bloating and that ugly “woman repellant” spare tire in just a matter of weeks.
  • And a whole lot more…

Including stronger posture, reduced back and body pain, better coordination and an overall “vibe” that tells other men you’re a bad ass every time you walk by.


We’re including a surprise bonus book with “How to Get a Six Pack”: Bruce Force Biceps.

This included free bonus book contains a proven (yet surprisingly little-known) way to realistically put at LEAST 1+ inches of solid muscle onto your arms in the next 4 weeks… even if you have terrible genetics and skinny, un-athletic arms now.

It’s yours included free at the end of “How To Get A Six Pack.”

Consumer Review
Even if you just want to flatten a chubby tummy…
This quick to read and digest little book is a godsend to everyone who believes they just don’t have time (or money) to join a gym or fitness club. Not that that isn’t the best solution to all committed workout folks, but to get a bit more realistic, if you could achieve the same (or similar) goals at home with minimal time AND minimal cost, then the excuses fly out the window.

What Rich Bryda accomplishes in this very `doable’ routine he has designed is provide four exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and burn off the fat covering them so that the exerciser can get the visual stimulus to continue the program (increasing reps and weights and time) until those once hidden abdominal muscles are indeed headed toward and achieving a six pack.

For the abs he uses the kettlebell swings (you can buy these or make them in the way Bryda demonstrates), the 5-minute stair runs-walks, Burpees (no equipment here, just USMC stamina), Tabata jumping jacks, and…

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