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Two (2) Replacement Main Rotors for Mini Infrared Remote Control Electric Helicopters

February 10th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Two (2) Replacement Main Rotors for Mini Infrared Remote Control Electric Helicopters
List Price : $14.99
Price : $5.99
Saved Price : $9.00

Includes bonus YELLOW tail propeller. This is a set of 2 replacement main drive rotor blade sets for the Mini Heli Infrared Indoor Helicopter, Bell Heli IR Indoor RC Helicopter, Picco Z, Havoc Heli and clones. Each heli requires 1 set. It is a good idea to keep a spare rotor on hand to let you keep flying in case yours is damaged in a crash. If you lose the little silver weights in the top stabilizer you’ll need to purchase a new rotor blade. Main Rotor Blade Specifications: * Rotor Diameter: 5.2″ (13.2cm) * Material: Flexible black plastic * Features: Integrated stabilizer (top hinged portion) This Main Rotor Blade Is Compatible With: * Mini IR Helis & Mini Bell IR Heli, * Spin Master Air Hogs Havoc Helis, * Silverlit Picco Z, * Clones like PiccoZ, PicooZ, etc…
Correct part for PicooZ or Air Hog Havoc
This is the correct part if you have a PicooZ/Air Hog Havoc 2-ch heli.
Make sure that the rotor fits snugly, because a loose fit will not provide adequate lift to get your heli up and running even though the rotors seem to spin . You also have to adjust trim and make sure that the tail rotor is clean of wrapped hair or fuzz, and perfectly perpendicular to the main rotor- these are essential for proper functioning of the heli, and typically have to be checked/adjusted after each crash.

This replacement is definitely sturdier than the original rotor, as well as the single spare that came with the original heli.

This product has restored my little heli to full function and made me a happy little child again, much to my wife’s chagrin.

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