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SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press

February 11th, 2013 Comments off

Title : SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press
List Price : $369.00
Price : $209.99
Saved Price : $159.01

Singers new ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press has finally arrived. This press will let you whip through your daily ironing using 100 pounds of pressure with just fingertip force from you. Depending on the fabric your pressing, this press offers you the choice of No Steam or Electronically Pumped Variable Steam. It has an Electronic Alarm that sounds every 10 secounds if the handle is left down to remind you to lift the handle to ensure that fabrics are not exposed to the heating plate to long. It also has a 24″ by 9″ pressing area makeing it almost 14 times larger than a conventional iron. The safety shut off will turn the unit off in 15 minutes if the handle is left up and after 10 seconds if the handle is left down offering peace of mind.When you lock the handle it can be easily transported as it only weighs 22 pounds.
A great time saver
This is a replacement for a press I had bought used from a unknown brand, and I could not get repaired when the heating element went. I am hoping that with Singer and a service network, that will not be a problem…and the other lasted 10 years anyway.

It takes a little getting used to, and smart use of the dryer, to get the most out of the press. I take linen tablecloths out a little damp, do all around the edges first, then fold in 1/2 and press double. I also use a spray bottle with water, never use the steam. That never has worked well for me. Napkins are a dream!

Pants: Do 1/2 a leg at a time, length wise, missing the seam. For a perfect job around the pocket, I use the regular iron and ironing board.

The press is so quick and easy I do shirts at home, less than 5 mns per, and save $2.75 at the cleaners.
Lastly, we all enjoy ironed sheets: do the top first, then fold length wise in fours, and press firmly.

It seems most of the…

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