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Perfect Ab Strap

July 1st, 2013 Comments off

Title : Perfect Ab Strap

Quick connect a pair of heavy duty performance Ab Straps to your Perfect Pullup bar or any standard pull up bar for ab defining workouts the way the pros do it. Experienced professionals use Ab Straps to perform off-the-floor crunches and leg lifts. Perfect Ab Straps are sturdy, comfortable and designed for years of performance. Made with heavy-duty nylon straps and mountaineering-grade steel carabiners. Extra comfortable – cushioned with thick foam padding.Includes 2 deluxe Ab Straps, quick connect steel carabiners, workout guide

Consumer Review
Yes, it is great.
I just got the ab straps a couple of days ago and they do come with the carabiners and my feet do not drag on the floor with my knees bent (I still have maybe 3″ of clearance; I’m 5′ 10″ and the door frame is 6′ 5″). Yes, you will swing while using them without back support BUT there is a very simple solution: close the door, if your doorway has one, behind you so you can press you back against it.

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Altus Athletic Cotton Lifting Straps

March 17th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Altus Athletic Cotton Lifting Straps

This high quality cotton strap provides a secure grip of weight bars during exercise. With the added safety provided, users may increase repetitions during sets while helping minimize hand fatigue.

Consumer Review
Great soft lifting strap
I generally use 2 different lifting straps. A soft cotton strap for regular daily lifting and a poly blend with neoprene padding for heavy power lifting. With that in mind I would rate this product as a perfect strap for the average lifter.
Positive factors:
1. A 100% cotton strap generally gives you more grip on the bar with less slippage during high reps.
2. The soft strap has no sharp edges to cut skin or cause major chafing.
3. The straps are very flexible, allowing for greater wrist movement or rotation, like when doing upright rows.
4. long strap length allow 2-3 full wraps around the bar
Negative factors:
1. Strength is not the best, lifting over 400lbs stretches the straps.
2. Durability is just average, a new bar with a rough grip will make the straps to fray a little.

To compare to other products these straps are slightly thicker and longer then the 100% cotton Everlast straps. I use these straps 3 days a week for moderate…

Altus Athletic Padded Lifting Straps

March 13th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Altus Athletic Padded Lifting Straps

This high quality foam padded strap provides a secure comfortable grip of weight bars during exercise. The added safety provided by this strap allows for increased repetitions during sets while helping minimize hand fatigue.
Great Product, Even Better Price
There are many similar products as these lifting straps, but these are the best price. They are well made, and the padding is an extra bonus. Other straps sell for the same price without padding, so this was a no-brainer.

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