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Abs of Steel: Sculpting and Toning

July 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Title : Abs of Steel: Sculpting and Toning

ABS OF STEEL… the name says it all. And now the world famous series is back with all new cutting edge workouts designed to shed inches and sculpt lean sexy abs. The moves are so intense your workouts will be shorter, yet much more effective with rock hard ab toning methods such as athletic core training, yoga, and Pilates. Several of the sessions even increase the heart rate and boost the calorie burn! Variations are shown to allow you to work at a mild, intense, or ultimate pace depending on your fitness level or how you feel from workout to workout. Leisa Hart starred in 14 Buns of Steel videos and has over 26 years fitness industry experience as an ACE and AFAA certified instructor.

Consumer Review
Good but only for BEGINNERS
I read so many great reviews about this video that I was pretty excited about it whipping my abs into shape. It’s still a good video but I was disappointed to discover how low key it is. I’m not an avid exerciser (haven’t hit the gym in… 5 months?) but I basically end up spending the whole video making up my own variations to make it more intense. On the positive side, its segmented style makes it great if you only have 5 or 10 minutes to spend on your abs but if you want to do more or even the whole thing, the segments get annoying. They stop and do stretching and cool down for a few minutes in each segment and then it takes 30 seconds to switch to the next segment and you start all over again.

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Flat Abs Pilates

July 21st, 2013 Comments off

Title : Flat Abs Pilates

Master Pilates instructor Mari Winsor is targeting your core in these two brand new 20-minute ab workouts. Strengthen your powerhouse while you get a small waist, flat abs and a long, lean look.

Flat Abs Workout (20 minutes)
Features over 17 ab sculpting moves sequenced to provide a core conditioning burn.
Abs Definition(20 minutes)
Targets your abs from a variety of angles to hit every ab zone for a sleek, flat midsection. DVD INCLUDES:
- 2 complete 20-minute Pilates workouts
- BONUS: Downloadable 10-minute Pilates Total Body Workout

AM Yoga workout with James D Silva 15 minutes

Consumer Review
Love Winsor pilates- great interm/advan vid to switch things up
Love all Winsor pilates. IMO, the first workout is around the intermediate level and the second workout is at the advanced level. Mari Winsor has the tendency to be little spazzy when she instructs but she has come a long way on this one. Her pace and tone of instruction is actually quite relaxing and the music also seems to flow great with the workout. I love that it’s abs focused and you have two 20-minute workouts to choose from. She uses a lot of the same moves but incorporates that with new moves. I tried both workouts this weekend with friends and can’t wait to master both workouts.

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Perfect Abs (Three-Disc Set)

July 18th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Perfect Abs (Three-Disc Set)

AS SEEN ON TV – GET THE BODY YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF IN MINUTES A DAY! One of the top selling fitness systems in the world available now in this specially priced 3 DVD Set!

This amazing DVD collection delivers 30 routines in 30 days to help shred pounds and get you into fantastic shape. Blast fat and improve tone with these fast and effective routines. In just minutes a day, you will look and feel better while dramatically increasing your strength, tone and cardio endurance. Get long, lean muscles and feel younger and more energetic. These are the very same routines that renowned fitness star Meghan White teaches to the stars to get in the best shape possible.

DISC 1 – PERFECT ABS volume 1

TO BUSY TO EXERCISE? Not anymore! Why is Perfect Abs one of the top-selling fitness DVDs in the world? Because it works! With 8 results driven, proven workouts, people have gotten amazing, toned, sleek and sexy abs.These highly effective ab routines will get you lean and toned. Contains boot camp, kick-boxing and chiseling ab routines. And they’re fun! With a great variety of workouts, you’ll never get bored.

These tried and true moves work your abs from every angle, and are designed to provide maximum results in a minimum amount of time. You will look and feel better than you ever have. Get ready for the abs you’ve always wanted [smaller sized jeans not included].


These 15 tried and true core and Pilates routines are used by top athletes around the world to build strong abs, core strength and toned legs. Blast away pounds while toning your entire body

PILATES BASED SCULPTING Pilates has been the core conditioning method of choice for models, dancers and athletes for over 60 years. Improve flexibility, agility and strength while sculpting lean legs, flat abs and a strong back. Whether you ve got 10 minutes or 30 minutes, if you want a full core workout or to focus on just one core area, our Pilates based routines are the perfect fit.

5 MINUTE CORE BLASTS Strong abs are key to core conditioning. We ve included the most effective, proven routines to condition, strengthen and sculpt your abs. You will work every part of your abs with these easy to follow, results-driven, 5 minute blasts

AB CHALLENGE These additional Pilates based workouts target your abs even more by using hand weights, the ring and a balance ball.


These 16 ultra-effective routines will not only work your abs, but they will sculpt and tone your arms, legs and butt. Whether you have 15 or 30 minutes, these workouts will burn fat and deliver what you need to get the body you want. Includes high-intensity and low-impact routines.

CARDIO AB ROUTINES Having amazing looking abs requires getting into great overall shape. These fast and effective routines will not only work your abs, but they will sculpt and tone your arms, legs and butt. Whether you have 15 or 30 minutes, these workouts will burn fat and deliver what you need to get the body you want.


These tried and true routines are used by top athletes around the world to build strong abs, core strength and toned legs. Blast away pounds while toning your entire body

Challenge and strengthen yourself from head to toe with these targeted bootcamp, kickboxing and jump rope routines.

Consumer Review
Great Colletion of Workouts
This is a great collection of workouts.

As the name says, it really is focused on the abs, more so with two of the DVDs, volumes 1 and 2. The first is traditional ab routines, short (6-8 minutes or so) with two levels and very effective. The next moves on with som more ab workouts (traditional) then some others that are pilates inspired with some lessons and help target more thing.

The third has some ab workouts, and adds alot of different workouts (kickboxing, jump rope, low impact etc.) to give some other things to help get you into shape. Between the 3 of these, there is alot of workouts that will give you good ab workouts and also get you in shape overall.

Love it.

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Bob Harper: Totally Ripped Core

July 14th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Bob Harper: Totally Ripped Core

Gear-up for absolute body reformation with two groundbreaking workouts. Ignite your metabolism and destroy hundreds of calories with Bob Harper’s exclusive, cutting-edge combinations and proven techniques of activating, engaging and sustaining the core. Sculpt powerful, lean muscles, while reinventing your body from the inside out.
Whip your core to perfection by isolating and defining vital muscle groups, to abolish pounds and sharpen stamina. Pit your body’s strength against its own endurance at maximum levels, commanding an on-going metabolic surge, and annihilating fat calories long after completing your workout. Extraordinary physiques are built on rock-solid cores, so rise to the challenge and prevail with a fit, toned and powerful body.

Workout 1: Totally Ripped Core
50 minutes of isolated core combinations command the top-most levels of effort and all planes of motion to reach the optimum fat-burning metabolic state. Reveal a tighter, leaner, more defined mid-section, and construct the foundation to sculpt the strongest body possible.

Workout 2: Ripped Core Quick Bonus
10 minutes of aggressive core training sets the heart rate racing and accelerates your metabolism for rapid fat burning results. Get it in, and get it done in this compact core routine to deliver rock solid abs in no time!


Consumer Review
Oh my poor achy middle-aged abs!
I have two other Bob DVDs -(Inside Out Cardio and Extreme Weight Loss) so I had an inkling that this would be equally tough and I was not disappointed. I was, however, drenched in sweat and thoroughly wiped out by the end of the 50 minute segment. The 10-minute “quickie” is no cupcake either. I plan to use this to supplement my normal routine of cardio/Pilates/weights and hopefully as time goes by I will find this a little easier. Word of caution: if you have any type of knee and/or back issues you may want to modify a couple of the moves, particularly the side burpee and the aptly-named Killer Side Plank Twist. If you want a challenging workout for the core then this is your huckleberry!

The Firm: Flat Abs Solution

July 7th, 2013 Comments off

Title : The Firm: Flat Abs Solution
ASIN : B00991167C

This DVD delivers 5-10 minute workouts work the abs from all angles including cardio portions that burn fat to a tight core.

Consumer Review
Excellent Addition to the Firm Collection.
This is a great addition to any Firm workout DVD collection! All five workouts offer levels from beginner to intermediate and can be bumped up on your own to advanced. The 10 minute cardio blast and 20 minute cardio workout really get your heart pumping while toning up your midsection. The 3 10 minute toning sections really get at your abs from different angles so you can feel your entire midsection working. As always, Rebeckah does a wonderful job of instructing and gives you plenty of warning before the moves change. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a short ab workout that gives its job done. Personally I like to do any of these workouts as an addition to my regular cardio/strength routine. I also use heavier weights and do the advanced moves the entire workout to make it challenging.

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Scott Cole: Best Abs Workout On Earth

July 1st, 2013 Comments off

Title : Scott Cole: Best Abs Workout On Earth

Join Scott Cole and Tom Seabourne in an action-packed full-body core workout that burns fat, defines your muscles and redefines abdominal training through martial arts drills, cardio interval training, yoga poses and gymnastic strength and flexibility exercises. Featured in the Wall Street Journal for his unique blend of martial and healing arts, Scott Cole brings fitness and wellness to all audiences. You may know Scott from his guest appearances on The View, LIVE with Regis & Kelly, The Early Show, CNN Headline News, Soap Talk, E!, The Food Network, and HGTV. Named one of the Top 5 Fitness Instructors in the world by IDEA, Scott is the creator of the Discover Tai Chi, Millennium Stretch, and Get Fit America for Kids series. Traveling to over 30 countries worldwide as a top speaker, presenter, motivator and choreographer, Scott’s goal is to “increase wellness literacy.”

Consumer Review
New ideas
I enjoy this dvd very much because of the ways to do abs I have never done before. It is great to have new ideas!

Abs Pilates Workout

June 25th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Abs Pilates Workout

The strong and lean Pilates body is based in the powerhouse‹the deep, woven layers of the abdominal and lower back muscles. The Pilates system of exercise empowers you to stand confidently and move gracefully through your life, by grounding your movements in the strong core of your body. Set on Maui, Hawaii, the Pilates Abs Workout helps you slim and strengthen the ab muscles at the same time. Certified Pilates instructor Ana Cabán takes you through a sequence of highly efficient and challenging exercises, focusing on form and precise movement. A modified version is also demonstrated for those with limited flexibility and strength. The regular practice of Pilates helps you strengthen your body¹s center of power and create a sleek, streamlined look you will love! The Complete 25-minute Workout Includes: € Warm-up Exercises to stimulate circulation and articulate the spine € Challenging Mat Exercises to condition the powerhouse and buttocks € Cool-down Stretches to allow muscles to rest and recover A vigorous workout for anyone wanting firmer abdominals fast! Props Recommended: Pilates Mat

Consumer Review
Great Workout At Home For Those With Experience
This is the perfect home workout if you’ve had a significant amount of Pilates training and have good form. I was skeptical about doing mat work to a DVD- I’m used to taking one-on-one classes with an Authentic Pilates instructor who helps me adjust my form, but now that I have almost a year of Pilates under my belt I thought I might be okay to work out on my own, at home, sometimes. Having taken so many private lessons, I’d have to say that newcomers to Pilates owe it to themselves to find a good studio and take some classes before they jump in and try to learn from a DVD. But if you’re at an Intermediate level, this DVD is great.

Ana Caban works at a nice pace- she’s not manic but definitely not too slow. She keeps filler conversation to a minimum and her reminders to engage your ab muscles are very helpful. Her assistant, Tara, simultaneously demonstrates easier versions of the exercises. The exercises are similar to most mat classes you’ll find in a studio or gym,…

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Perfect Abs

June 22nd, 2013 Comments off

Title : Perfect Abs

Perfect Abs offers a series of exercises designed to strengthen and tone one’s abdominal muscles in order to achieve the “six-pack” look. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Consumer Review
This is THE ab dvd!
I own just about every ab video/dvd out there. I got this one a few days ago, and I just did the first beginning ab bootcamp. It is great! The main things I like so far about this dvd are; 1. They don’t fool around with 15 minutes of warm up. It is full on ab work beginning to end. 2. There is just as much work on the lower ab area (which I need the most), and that was just in the first segment. 3. There are six ab workouts, so I don’t see myself getting bored in 2 months like I normally do.

I don’t even know who has put this dvd out, but it is exactly what I was looking for, 100% ab work.

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Sexy Beach Abs

June 21st, 2013 Comments off

Title : Sexy Beach Abs

Consumer Review
great for travel
This video is great for when I travel. I am able to get at least a 10 minute ab workout in no matter my location. My abs are not weak, but are not strong. Most people should be able to make it through this video and have enough energy to then start a muscle and/or cardio work out. That is what I am looking for. If you want to raise you heart rate and do a short ab workout on the go, this is your deal.

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Jillian Michaels Killer Abs

June 19th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Jillian Michaels Killer Abs

Are you self-conscious about your abs? Do you want to annihilate belly fat and banish the “muffin top” permanently? Or maybe you want to take your body to the next level – a high performance machine with wicked tight abs to die for.

If any of this applies to you, Jillian Michaels Killer Abs will help you make your goals a reality with three quick fun workouts that deliver visible results fast. These 30-minute workouts progress in difficulty providing something for everyone from beginner to state of the art athlete.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

This product is expected to play back in DVD Video “play only” devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives.

Consumer Review
Great Workout with All New Moves!
This is one of the only reviews I’ve ever written, but I love this dvd, and so I decided to write a review. I never watched Biggest Loser but I got into Jillian Michaels’ workouts several years ago. I own every one of her workouts that I know of hers except the teen one. I really like that her workouts are super hard and challenging, and almost all of them are around 30 minutes with a few exceptions. Killer Abs is one of my absolute favorites of all of her workouts. I love the non-traditional ab moves, and she added tons of new moves and modifications on older moves from previous workouts. This workout works lots of muscle groups, not just the abs, which is an added benefit. I also own her Body Revolution which I highly recommend as well. It’s pricey but worth it since you get 15 workouts, a workout cable, and some extras. I rotate all of her videos, even the easier ones. I found that you can modify or substitute harder exercises for the easier ones found on some of her…

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