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Grizzly Fitness Power Training Wrist Wrap

March 28th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Grizzly Fitness Power Training Wrist Wrap

Grizzly Wrist Wraps will give the Wrist Support needed to hold form while Bench Pressing, Military Pressing or Overhead Triceps Extensions. 3″ wide Elastic Thumb Loop Wrist Wraps for added Support. Soft White Elastic with Hook and Loop Closure for Adjustable Sizing. Sold as pair.

Consumer Review
Good support for minimal price
I purchased the wraps to help support my wrists during workouts with my P90X program.

I’ve broken my right wrist several times and needed something to give me support during the many push ups the program requires you to do. From the first time I used them I had great support and was able to do 32 push ups without any pain in my wrist. (I only able to do 8-10 without them)

Great product and would recommended them to anyone looking for added support.

Valeo Slimmer Belt with Zippers Big SALE

December 27th, 2012 Comments off

Title : Valeo Slimmer Belt with Zippers
List Price : $15.99
Price : $12.75
Saved Price : $3.24

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