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Incredible Abs, Volume 2

July 10th, 2013

Title : Incredible Abs, Volume 2

Consumer Review
Four abdominal workouts
“Incredible Abs, Volume 2″ contains the following four abs workouts.

Incredible Abs 5 (20:34) 4 stars
Incredible Abs 6 (20:07) 5 stars plus
Incredible Abs 7 (19:41) 4.5 stars
Incredible Abs 1 (20:31) 4.5 stars

With each routine being about 20 minutes, my favorite is Abs 6 because it contains the deadly seven abdominal exercises, a series of exercises done on your back. These seven really work and challenge your core. The seven are the bicycle, rolly polly, reverse crunch with toe tap, lower belly blast, side knee bend, reverse crunch with legs up, and leg drops. No equipment is needed on the deadly seven, except maybe a mat.

In addition, Abs 7 works you with the large ball and Abs 1 is also also good. All these workouts do move fast, so be ready and clear a space. Cindy Whitmarsh instructs and demonstrates on all the workouts.

Here are the breakdowns.

Abs 5 requires 1 light dumbbell (3 to 5 lbs) and a mat…

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