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ASIN : B00943LO8G

NEWEST DISCOVERY IN SILHOUETTE SHAPING Taking advantage of the latest scientific achievements, experts from Eveline Cosmetics laboratories have developed INNOVATIVE AND TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED SERUM FORMULA which provides specialized care for the body, and brings noticeable effect in the appearance and toning the body. This new formula is highly effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. The existing stretch marks are smoothed out and new ones are prevented. Advanced latest generation ingredients contained in serum were selected specially to provide effective toning and sculpting of the body. The product effectively models the silhouette and helps achieve spectacular slimming effect – like after fitness club work-out. BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY: bioSlim-Fitness ComplexTM – has strong firming and anti-cellulite action, actively enhances action of other substances shaping silhouette. Lipocell-Slim® Complex and L-carnitine – intensely stimulate microcirculation thus supporting cellulite and adipose tissue reduction. Collagen and pro-elastin – improve skin smoothness, firmness and elasticity. Formula containing wide range of active substances, reaches even deepest layers of adipose tissue, stimulating cells cellulite reduction. APPLICATION: Twice a day, vigorously massage serum with circular movements into problematic body areas until fully absorbed. Pleasant cooling sensation accompanies application of the serum. Wash hands after application. FOR BEST RESULTS APPLY SERUM AFTER, EXERCISE OR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

Consumer Review
Helps Fade Stretch Marks

Don’t know if this product is suppose to help with stretch marks but it has really helped mine fade. I will be buying it again when mine runs out!!!!

Andropharmia Muscle Pills: Muscle Building, Mass Building, Muscle Supplement. More Strength, More Fitness, More Muscles

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Title : Andropharmia Muscle Pills: Muscle Building, Mass Building, Muscle Supplement. More Strength, More Fitness, More Muscles

Andropharmia Muscle supplement is a third generation treatment to improve the physical needs of athletes and sport lovers, providing them with a stimulation of their testosterone production. The supplement is composed, amongst others, by herbs such as; Tribulus Terrestris and Colostrum both aimed at increasing the testosterone levels as well as reducing body fat. Andropharmia Muscle helps you increase your muscular mass thanks to the stimulation of the glands that produce several hormones, which are in fact the key element in the development of muscles. For people who wish to increase the volume of their muscles and who want to be stronger, it seems important to do so in a healthy way, for their body to avoid secondary effects caused by hormone intakes. Andropharmia Muscle includes a powerful and fat-burner called Coleus Forskohlii that will help you get rid of excess fat and harden your muscles. Thanks to the combined action of Zinc and Colostrum – enhancing cellular energy capacities and therefore fat-burning capacities – you will be able to purify your body while improving your physique. Taken as a complement of regular physical activity, the Andropharmia Muscle treatment will provide you with increased strength . Andropharmia Muscle is a dietary supplement for those who wish to feel physically stronger, and for those who want to boost their resistance levels without the side-effects of direct hormonal intake. We provide you with the best of our experience as a leading company in the field of male enhancement products, thanks to years dedicated to research on the development of male physical capacities. Our company and our products enjoy worldwide fame and are backed up by the scientific studies and medical testimonials necessary to guarantee top-quality ingredients, safe and healthy. Each box contains 30 capsules. Easy payment methods! Secure delivery with USPS or UPS.

Consumer Review

New! X-slim: Most Powerful!!! Thermogenic Fat Burner, Energy, Metabolism Boost, Fitness Supplement-used By Serious Athletes Everywhere.

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Title : New! X-slim: Most Powerful!!! Thermogenic Fat Burner, Energy, Metabolism Boost, Fitness Supplement-used By Serious Athletes Everywhere.

Exit Your Fat Jeans for Good with X-Slim.

Feel a burst of explosive energy while melting the fat away at the gym.

It’s time to stop the EX-CESS eating and treat your body with kindness as you
lose weight, suppress fat cell growth and start looking and feeling great again.
X-Slim is the secret “X-Factor” in helping top athletes, fitness buffs,
bodybuilders and just plain folks get in shape and stay in shape.

Alpha Pro Lab’s X-Slim Weight Loss Supplement helps:

• X-Out unsightly Belly Fat
• X-Out Fat Cells and regulate blood pressure and cholesterol
• X- Out unhealthy body fat and replace it with long, lean muscle.

X-Slim is the effective weight-loss formula that others try to imitate. In fact,
it’s best to buy X-Slim only from reputable dealers because that is the only
time you can be sure that you are receiving the high-quality premium formula
we’ve worked so hard to create to help you increase your energy while shedding
dangerous excess weight.

X-Slim contains specific premium ingredients that are known for enhancing your

X-Slim’s powerful weight loss formula contains:

• Metabolism-stimulating Green Tea Extract

• Polyphenola-rich White Tea Extract to break down stubborn at cells

• Codonopsis pilosula Extract to promote healthy digestion

• Fat-burning Evodia rutaecarpa extract

• The powerful anti-inflammatory herb, White Willow

If you are truly tired of struggling to lose weight against incredible odds, and
want to lose it in all the right places without walking around feeling drained,
depleted and deprived, it’s time to harness the powerful ingredients in X-Slim
to rev up your metabolism and while burning unsightly fat.

Say good-bye to deprivation and start feeling good when you look into the
mirror and see a slimmer, healthier “new you” you smiling back!

X-Slim, a restricted diet, and trips to the gym will get you lean, slim, trim,
and feeling great again!

Consumer Review
I like it.
its a great appetite suppressant for the first 4 or 5 days. Now I think i have just developed a tolerance to it.
I will keep trying it and report back later. Overall a quality product…

Maha Fitness AB Roller

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Title : Maha Fitness AB Roller

Made of foam and steel. Combination of black and white color. Tone and strengthen the abs. No assembly required. Manufacturer’s warranty included.

Consumer Review
Good for the money
What comes in the box

Exercise DVD
Ab roller
Hardware and screwdriver


Assembly was intuitive and it took 10-15″ to get this together. Unfortunately, this item cannot be folded or disassembled easily for a more convenient storage, such as under a bed.


The head/neck padding is comfortable. There are multiple hand stations for more flexibility. It helps eliminate neck strain when doing crunches. The construction is well designed and the setup is ergonomically sound.


The padding is firm and is covered by vinyl. The bars are covered with foam padding. This will be durable, assuming no abuse of the product. It is also going to require routine checking of the tightness of screws since loosening may occur; this could serve as a safety hazard if proper maintenance is not maintained.


For the price, it cannot be beaten. It is a good product…

My Fitness Coach

July 18th, 2013 Comments off

Title : My Fitness Coach

Like Wii games? Are you sweating to Wii Fit but want to take it a step further? Get in shape with your own virtual personal trainer, Maya, in an accessible, convenient and intense fitness program customized to meet your needs.My Fitness Coach is the latest in Nintendo’s impressive line of games that prove video game entertainment can be both healthy and fun. Produced by UbiSoft exclusively for the Wii home game system, My Fitness Coach allows players to create, engage in and even track their very own fitness program.

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My Fitness Coach begins by evaluating your current fitness level, and helping you set your fitness goal. View larger.

This game features almost 500 unique exercises so you’ll never get bored. View larger.

Live a Healthier Lifestyle
My Fitness Coach begins by evaluating your current fitness level, and helping you set your fitness goal. Whether you strive for weight loss, core body strength, increased flexibility or something else, the Wii’s unique interactivity will get you there. A virtual personal trainer named Maya will be on hand to not only give you valuable advice to help you exercise right, but will provide pep talks to help keep you motivated every step of the way. There are even graphical charting displays that allow you to watch yourself making progress as you go.

Enjoy Your Exercise Experience
With My Fitness Coach you can customize your experience by choosing your own exercise environment, and picking your favorite type of workout music. There are eight different environments to choose from, and seven different types of music, such as Hip Hop, 80′s, Latin and Dance to name a few. There is even a Meditation Garden feature where you will be guided through stretching and yoga techniques to help keep you limber while you gain strength.

Nearly 500 Workouts Provide Loads of Fun
My Fitness Coach features almost 500 unique exercises to ensure that no two workouts will ever be quite the same. Whether you are in strength training for your upper body or lower body, or are just burning a few extra calories, by choosing your own workout calendar, length of program, and frequency of use you will achieve your goals at the pace that is right for you.

Consumer Review
No reason to wait
For those of you who are gun shy after getting burned by the Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum, there is no reason to wait. JMFU was garbage. This is the real thing. It does not use a balance board. Some people seem to have a problem with that but it’s not like they claimed to have balance board support and failed to deliver. The description in Amazon of what it does is completely accurate. Also, if it had balance board support it would be nearly twice the price.

I received it yesterday and have done 2 workouts on it.

Things I like (There is no way that I will hit all the good features):
1. There was a very thorough fitness test when you first set up a profile. I wish Wii Fit had something this comprehensive.
2. Maya, the coach, is a pleasure to work out with. She has a pleasing voice. She asks how you felt during a segment of the workout. The choices are No Sweat, I Was Working Hard, and I Couldn’t Keep Up. If you choose the first or the…

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Fitness Quest Perfect Situp

July 17th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Fitness Quest Perfect Situp

The Perfect Situp reinvents the situp by combining the upper ab crunch with the lower ab leg lift to bring you better, faster results. Designed to combine upper body positioning with lower body resistance, the Perfect Situp works all four sets of abdominal muscles. The Perfect Situp maximizes muscle activation by putting you in the perfect position and adding resistance through leg and back blades. The Perfect Situp will give you flatter abs and a stronger core. It will help make doing situps easy –the contoured base and neck support put you in the perfect position every time. Engage all 4 sets of abdominal muscles for better results with fewer reps. Includes: Perfect Situp unit, step by step workout instructions, meal plan, and storage hanger Product Details: Steel Leg and Back Blades help activate all four sets of abdominal muscles for a more efficient workout. Contoured Base puts your body in the perfect position to maximize muscle activation and helps target hard to reach lower abdominal muscles. Ergonomic neck support keeps spine in proper alignment and helps reduce neck strain by fully supporting head. The Range of Motion Sensor clicks when full range of motion is reached. Storage hanger makes it easy to hang in a closet.As seen on TV, the Perfect Situp device helps you optimize the challenge and results of performing situps, combining an upper ab crunch exercise with lower ab leg lifts. This combination of upper body positioning with lower body resistance works all four sets of abdominal muscles, maximizing muscular activation.


  • Head and neck support reduces joint strain
  • Grips provide comfortable hand placement
  • Leg and back blades engage more muscles
  • Blades activate all four sets of abdominals
  • Success indicator clicks when optimal range of motion is reached

What’s in the box?

  • Perfect Situp unit
  • Step-by-step workout instructions
  • Perfect Situp Meal Plan
  • Storage hanger


  • Leg and back blades:
    • Patent pending design
    • Activates all four sets of abdominal muscles for a more efficient workout
    • University study showed Perfect Situp delivers better lower abdominal contraction than a regular crunch
    • Spring steel blades intensify muscle activation
    • Upgrade to level 2 or level 3 blades to increase resistance and intensity
  • Contoured base:
    • Puts your body in the perfect position to maximize muscle activation
    • Helps target hard to reach lower abdominal muscles
    • Gym quality mat
  • Neck support and comfort hand grips:
    • Ergonomic neck support keeps spine in proper alignment
    • Reduces neck strain by fully supporting head
    • Grips provide comfortable hand placement
  • Range of Motion Sensor clicks when full range of motion is reached
  • Easily store in closet with included hanger

About Fitness Quest
Fitness Quest, Inc. is the creator and distributor of popular home exercise and fitness products like the Ab Lounge, Easy Shaper, Tony Little’s Gazelle, Total Gym, and New Balance fitness equipment.

Consumer Review
Not useful for those who already work out
I bought this from Target. When I tried it for the first time I noticed it was too easy. I had to do a hundred reps to feel like I worked out. I looked at the box and discovered it came with level 1 springs. Level 2 and 3 springs are supposed to be available, but I couldn’t find them at Target, The Sports Authority, Big 5, or here. I don’t know why they want to hit you up for more cash when the thing is already too expensive.

Now I have a piece of junk in the closet that will end up being thrown in the trash.


Updated February 6, 2012. I bought the level 3 springs. When I let my teenage son try it, on the very first situp he did, the cheap plastic back broke. This piece of junk is now sitting in a land fill.

Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up -Complete Push Up Training System

July 15th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up -Complete Push Up Training System

Maximize push ups like never before. Power Press is an innovative, complete push up board training system that strengthens and sculpts your chest, shoulders, back, triceps, biceps and core. The revolutionary color-coded pushup positions allow you to plug and press for extreme results. It also promotes proper form to maximize your workout. A Tone and Burn Workout DVD is included that combines Power Press push ups with intense calorie-burning cardio, plyometric and abs/core exercises. Power Press is professionally built, ideal push up board that is easy and safe to use, and designed for all fitness levels. Get strong, burn calories, lose weight and get ripped with Power Press.

Consumer Review
versatile challenging i use it daily and see results and dont get bored because of the many options thru so many possible positions

Sunny Health & Fitness Roller Slide

July 11th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Sunny Health & Fitness Roller Slide

It’s a six-pack of abs just waiting to happen. Multi-task by using this abdominal slider with mat while watching TV. Get on your knees, hold handles and roll the slider out in front of you, then roll back using just your abs. Allow you to slim, tone, and firm your musclesWork your abs, arms, shoulders and waist

Consumer Review
3-1/2 Stars. It works.
I have used this product on & off for several years and it works. I am a 162 lbs male and the Ab Slide Roller helps to give me defined abs, shoulder, chest and arm muscles, with just a few minutes use everyday. You’re getting an ab workout, as well as a push-up-type workout when you use this product. There is just one problem I’ve had consistantly with this piece of equipement, and it is the reason why I’m giving it a 3-1/2 star rating instead of a 4 or 5; it breaks. After just a few short months of use (and by “use” I mean using it in the proper, recomended and instructed way) the internal spring or coiled metal that gives the Ab Slide Roller its resistance, breaks. This has happened with every one of the Ab Slide Rollers I’ve purchased over the years. (Again, I am using it only in the proper and recomended way.) I’ve had them last as long as 6 -7 months and as little as 3. But, as I said at the outset, this product does work.

Tone Fitness Abs Toning Wheel

July 9th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Tone Fitness Abs Toning Wheel

The Tone Fitness abdominal toning wheel is an easy to use exercise equipment that can help to add strength to your core and tighten the abdominal muscles. At the gym or in your own home, you can use the wheel to help work out your lower and upper back, hips, chest, arms, butt and legs. These wheels are portable and easy to store just about anywhere. Non-slip wheels provide stability. The contoured grip handles allows for a smooth and comfortable workout. Warning: This product contains one or more phthalate chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Consumer may return the product for a full refund, including shipping cost for both receipt and return of the product within 15 days of his or her receipt.

Consumer Review
The ‘tire’ part of this wheel, all though it is made to look like rubber, is in fact hard plastic, and will put marks on a hardwood floor, etc.

Zumba Fitness Core

July 7th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Zumba Fitness Core

Get ready to rock your core! Zumba Fitness Core is the latest release in the best-selling video game franchise that has sold more than seven million players on the exhilarating Zumba Fitness interactive workout. As the only fitness game that targets your core, Zumba Fitness Core is specifically designed to deliver the tight and toned abs that women crave. This energized dance-fitness party features fresh music and choreography, new dance styles and fitness features, plus cool new venues and celebrity Zumba instructors who can help you reach your personal goals as you dance your way towards that sexy six pack!

Consumer Review
Before now, Zumba 2 for wii was my favorite workout. Now, this new Core version trumps any fun I used to have. I’m a dancer so I appreciate them bringing their ‘A’ game with intricate moves.It is challenging yet do-able. Love it!! So much fun for all levels.
*added a warm-up and cool down to the programs(this was omitted in previous editions)
*music is a genre hodge-podge mixing new &old, foreign & English songs
*much shorter pauses in between songs (keeps heartrate up)
*easier to utilize with clearer instructions
*faster paced routines mean burning more calories faster
*shows exactly how long each routine will take so you can better plan your workouts

*choreography is varied and could be quite challenging for the novice or non-dancer. Different cultures use different counts so don’t expect the standard 1,2,3,4….
* new format on the progress tracker is much more difficult to understand, are graphs really…

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