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Men’s Health: 6 Weeks to a 6 Pack: Sculpt rock-hard abs with the fastest muscle-up, slim-down program ever created!

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Title : Men’s Health: 6 Weeks to a 6 Pack: Sculpt rock-hard abs with the fastest muscle-up, slim-down program ever created!

Are you ready to take your shirt off at the beach? Men’s Health: 6 Weeks to a 6-Pack will help you get there. It’s the magazine’s newest step-by-step program for losing belly fat and building abs that show! Drawing from the latest research in exercise physiology and nutrition, it provides the most cutting-edge advice and action plans for sculpting rock-hard abs by the time you hit the sand. What’s inside: workouts that can burn up 200 calories in just 8 minutes; dozens of science-backed secrets for boosting metabolism and targeting belly fat; core workouts that will whip anyone into shape; dozens of belly-shedding recipes and nutrition tips; and instructional photos of 50 all-time best abs exercises. Plus, a special bonus chapter: 100 world-class workout secrets from America’s top trainers. Edited by New York Times best-selling author of The Belly Off! Diet, Jeff Csatari, Men’s Health: 6 Weeks to a 6-Pack is designed to help you turn stubborn belly fat into lean, hard muscle.

Consumer Review
This is how you get a six pack
I’ve been training for about 9 years now and while I’ve never competed, I’ve dieted down to 5-6 % body fat levels just to see what it takes.

I bought this book simply because I like to get more educated in the field and found it very comprehensive and full of helpful tips and advice on how to get lean. The title is a bit misleading in that it can take longer than 6 weeks to see your abs depending on what kind of shape you’re in when you begin, but I think we all know that it’s just a marketing angle.

Getting shredded really is just a matter of arithmetic: you need to expend more calories than you consume. If you don’t follow this simple principle, no amount of crunches will matter. The bottom line is you need to restrict your caloric intake and exercise to burn more calories. When you do it right, your body burns fat and (for the most part) preserves muscle. You can also use fat-burning supplements to increase the number of calories your body burns each day, but…

Essential Abs: An Intense 6-Week Program (Men’s Health Peak Conditioning Guides)

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Title : Essential Abs: An Intense 6-Week Program (Men’s Health Peak Conditioning Guides)
ASIN : 1579542921

A six-pack of muscles or a six-pack of beer?

For the average guy, wasting money on an impossible workout book for abs just isn’t worth it. But in Essential Abs, ab master Kurt Brungardt has created a simple routine that will bring maximum results– fast. His step-by-step, 6-week program shows you how to make ab exercises more effective by integrating them into a quick total-body workout. Whether you’re a couch potato or a fitness fanatic, Brungardt helps you fine-tune your techniques for rock-hard abs in no time.


* The 11 commandments of self-improvement
* How much water you really need
* How to drop those lame excuses and get motivated
* The best ab exercises for sports
* Modifications that eliminate neck strain

Consumer Review
This Program Works
I am 5’9" 200, not a thin guy. Used a low carb diet to lose 10 pounds along with this program and in 2 weeks could see real results. My waist is smaller and I see definition in my abdominal area for the first time since my military college days, 35 years ago. The exercises are very well-described, not unusually difficult, and can be done on a living room floor with no equipment. You feel and see the results immediately. I usually complete the third level in 15 minutes. I have never written an online review before but was so pleased with this book and the results I felt that I should. For me it was money well-spent.

Rip Curl Men’s A2569 – CHA Cambridge ABS Charcoal Fashion Lifestyle Watch

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Title : Rip Curl Men’s A2569 – CHA Cambridge ABS Charcoal Fashion Lifestyle Watch

When it comes to a timepiece, simple style and functionality are essential. Strap on the Rip Curl Cambridge Color Watch for the proper blend of both. A burly ABS plastic housing defends against impact while the minimalist nylon strap keeps the watch securely in place.

Product Features

  • Housing Material: ABS (plastic)
  • Strap Material: nylon
  • Heart Rate Monitor:
  • Digital Compass:
  • Chronograph:
  • Backlight:
  • Computer Compatible:
  • Water-Resistant: yes, up to 100m
  • Alarms:
  • Date Indicator:
  • Weekday Indicator:
  • Battery Type:
  • Battery Life:
  • Face Size: 40 mm
  • Weight:
  • Recommended Use: casual
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Consumer Review
Nice looking, light, durable.
I was looking for an everyday "knock-around" watch. I don’t like the new trend in large-faced watches, and this one has a more normal, medium sized face. It is made of plastic, and it DOES look like plastic, but the up side is that it is very light – almost like not wearing a watch at all. The band is comfortable and easy to get on. The loops to hold the band are a little "chunky", but I like that they stay in place and don’t slide around like some band loops do. The grey color is subtle. The orange watch hands are easy to see. Overall, very happy. Thinking of buying the stainless/black version as a "dressier" watch!

Men’s Health (1-year auto-renewal) [Print + Kindle]

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Title : Men’s Health (1-year auto-renewal) [Print + Kindle]

Men’s Health is an essential read for guys who want to look better, feel better, and live better. But Men’s Health isn’t just a magazine. It’s the solution-for every bit of chaos, confusion, or suffering that the world can inflict on the male of the species. Belly fat. Fatheaded bosses. Exercise plateaus. Exercise excuses. Her boredom. His boredom. The fast-food menu. The wine list. We give men the tools, strategies, and motivation to handle all of this and more.Men’s Health magazine is the ultimate publication for men who want to lead a healthier and happier life. Designed for active men, each issue features a variety of feature articles from top journalists. While the focus of the magazine is on health and fitness, readers will also find topics about nutrition, relationships, and even style.

Men’s Health magazine isn’t for couch potatoes, but it can help those who prefer staying indoors lead a better life. The workout poster included inside every issue pulls out, letting you hang it in your home or office to keep an eye out for simple things you can do every day to stay healthy. The poster reminds you that you need the proper amount of sleep, the right combination of healthy foods, and the perfect amount of exercise to improve your overall health.

Every issue includes a section devoted to sex and relationships, giving you the answers to questions you might not want to ask your friends. From communicating with your significant other to showing a new woman you are interested, the magazine covers your relationship and dating questions. The magazine even includes a special section where a female reporter answers questions from a woman’s perspective. Men’s Health magazine also looks at the top trends in men’s fashion, healthy choices at your favorite fast food restaurants, and the activities and exercises that professional athletes use to stay in shape.

A subscription to Men’s Health magazine will put all of the information you need to lead a healthier life within your grasp.

Consumer Review
Sad demise
Men’s Health used to be a top-notch magazine with great writers and helpful and innovative articles for all men. Writers like Greg Gutfeld and Denis Boyles gave the magazine a sharp wit and truly made the magazine a stand-out. They turned up their noses at political correctness and wrote what most others wouldn’t dare. The writers were real men (and women) who weren’t afraid of putting their reputations on the line. They told it like it was, not how the advertisers wanted you to hear it.

However, they’re all gone and all that’s left is an emaciated skeleton of articles that are not interesting, innovative, or remotely intelligent. In fact, the only men I know who look at it now are my gay friends, for the great pictures of muscles on the cover and inside. But they, also, are too smart and savvy to waste their time on the lame articles. I don’t know what happened to the management of that magazine, but somebody made some devastating decisions. I’ve never seen a magazine go…

Rip Curl Men’s A2410-BLU Analog Surf with ABS Case and Strap Watch

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Title : Rip Curl Men’s A2410-BLU Analog Surf with ABS Case and Strap Watch
ASIN : B00454Z1L0

Turn heads in an instant when you sport the eye-catching Pivot watch from Rip Curl.

  • Polyurethane strap repels water, withstands dramatic temperature changes & is highly tear-resistant
  • Made with ABS, a tough lightweight plastic with a high-impact strength
  • Jeweled movements from synthetic rubies that serve as bearings for gears to reduce torque & friction, allowing your watch to run more accurately for longer
  • Depth tested to 100m
  • Comes packaged in a Rip Curl premium accessory case
  • Imported

Consumer Review
Un excelente producto no tiene ningun cuestionamiento. Gracias, fue perfecto. Ademas llego completo y funciona de la mejor manera. Recomendado.

Rip Curl Men’s A2410-CHA Analog Surf ABS Case and Strap Watch

June 28th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Rip Curl Men’s A2410-CHA Analog Surf ABS Case and Strap Watch

The Pivot watch from Rip Curl is made from ABS plastic. This is a tough lightweight plastic with a high impact strength which is used in case and strap construction. This watch features jewelled movement which is synthetic rubies that serve as bearings for gears in watches. This reduces torque & friction allowing your watch to run more accurately for longer. Depth Tested to 100m.

Consumer Review
Rip Curl Men’s Analog Surf Watch
Very sleek design, durable, never have to worry about it falling off when paddling or it getting banged up from a day on the water. The grey band with the black face in contrast to the blue numbers and white dial hands makes it not just worry free but also fun to wear… and at $56 from $80.. With prime and 2nd day delivery. You have to be crazy not to take that offer up.22

The Men’s Health Big Book: Getting Abs: Get a Flat, Ripped Stomach and Your Strongest Body Ever–in Four Weeks

June 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Title : The Men’s Health Big Book: Getting Abs: Get a Flat, Ripped Stomach and Your Strongest Body Ever–in Four Weeks
ASIN : 1609618742

The essential diet and fitness guide to lean, ripped abs—including a results-driven 4-week program to lose weight, strengthen your core, and chisel your entire body

Call it a spare tire, muffin top, or paunch. Men and women consistently cite their belly as their biggest problem area—and it is often the toughest final pounds to lose. Not anymore!

Whether readers’ eating habits have been affected by stress, their bodies have changed with age, or they’re constantly doing crunches without results, it’s time to blast belly fat the right way. Using the comprehensive, week-by-week eating and exercise plan, readers can lose up to 20 pounds in 6 weeks—and keep it off, forever.

The Men’s Health Big Book of Abs special features include:

  • Quick effective routines that replace boring, painful crunches
  • Manly (and healthy) recipes that take less than 15 minutes to prepare!
  • Hundreds of tips on how to emphasize muscle definition and six-pack abs!

Including a step-by-step, 4-week eating and exercise plan, easy-to-prepare recipes, and hundreds of exercises, The Men’s Health Big Book of Abs is the ultimate guide to a leaner, fitter, sexier body.

Consumer Review
good information for starters
I like the book and the kindle version is very well done, as usual.

The book content is below my expectations since this is a book for starters, the information is good and well organized, the workouts are ok but it does not have the advanced specific abs workouts I was looking for.

I mean, if I were starting this would be a great book but for my fitness level and knowledge and my expectations the book would not be very useful if it weren’t for the general body workouts.

XXL- Men’s Neoprene Body Building Workout Training Vest

April 26th, 2013 Comments off

Title : XXL- Men’s Neoprene Body Building Workout Training Vest

Men’s Training VestDurable Neoprene MaterialComfortableTapered DesignSize: 2XLNOTE: Sizes Tend to Run Small For this Item

Consumer Review
it was ok but not durable.
it was ok for the first day then under both arms on the second and third day it started to tear. So it was not durable whatsoever. thanks

SLENDER RESULTS Mens Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit

April 22nd, 2013 Comments off

Title : SLENDER RESULTS Mens Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit

(1) 8oz Mens Clay – This specially formulated for Men’s specific physiology. Infused with green tea and bitter orange essential oil which works to prevent loss of testosterone deep in the layers of men’s skin, enhancing the breakdown and elimination of the stubborn fat in men. This kits gives you enough formula for 4 belly wraps. (1) Sauna Suit – This suit is preferred by salons and spas for wearing over Body Wrap treatments. Wearing this sauna suit over the wraps helps to retain your body heat, maximizing the effects of the body wrap. Slender Results’s sauna suits are reusable. (3) High Quality Wrap Bandages – High Quality Wrap Bandages – Our wraps are of the highest quality, latex free and preferred by salons and spas worldwide to apply herbal, aloe, mineral and clay body wraps for ultimate inch loss and detoxification. Slender Results’ wraps are reusable, simply machine wash and hang dry. (1) Tape Measure – Your kit comes with a tape measure so you can measure before and after your wrap and see you inch loss. (1) Slender Results Complete Instruction Guide – This guide will give you complete instructions to help you reach maximum inch loss. Slender Results premium body wrap formulas are the most advanced formulas on the market today used and trusted in salons and spas across the globe. Our products get Results! Slender Results!

Consumer Review

Oakley Men’s 10-281 Holeshot 10th Mountain Division Unobtainium Limited Edition Chronograph Watch

March 22nd, 2013 Comments off

Title : Oakley Men’s 10-281 Holeshot 10th Mountain Division Unobtainium Limited Edition Chronograph Watch

Oakley World War II 10th Mountain Division Chronograph Watch. Comfortable, sophisticated timepiece befitting a proud American fighting force. Named for the elite World War II U.S. Army division that trained skiers and climbers to fight the most difficult, mountainous terrain in Europe. Engineered with a true Swiss- made chronograph that measures cumulative time, intermediate time and split time down to 1/10th of a second! Case is high-precision Computer Numeric Control (CNC)-machined, made of impact-forged stainless steal for durability, with a screw-down stainless steel case back. There’s an all-day comfortable olive green rubber Unobtainium band, with a technically-inspired black dial face for sophistication. 6-hand display is sealed with a pure sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating to minimize glare. Luminous phosphors help to improve viewing in low light, and a dual-seal crown protects the case against water pressure. From Oakley, a sport and lifestyle brand igniting the imagination with a merge of science and art. Watch this: Precision 4-jewel Swiss movement; 6-hand analog display includes hour, minute, and second hands and sub-dial counters for 1/10 second, 60 second, 30 minutes; Chronograph with ADD and SPLIT functions; Tachymeter scale computes speed based on travel time; Mechanical date display; Minute and hour hands designed with luminous material for easy viewing in low light; 10-bar water resistance to 330′ (100m); 47.5mm case diameter (excluding crown); Microfiber pouch included. What time is it? Time to honor this dignified division by ordering this Watch today! Oakley World War II 10th Mountain Division Chronograph Watch, Olive / BlackThe Oakley Men’s Holeshot 10th Mountain Division Unobtainium Limited Edition Chronograph Watch offers sporty features like a gray rubber band with cool cut-outs and an action-packed black dial. A smooth gray rubber band’s cut-outs cool the wrist, joining to a black-ion-plated stainless steel case that’s topped by a black-ion-plated stainless steel bezel with contoured black ion-plated stainless steel accent pieces. A scratch-resistant sapphire-coated dial window protects a black dial that features silver-toned Arabic numeral hour indicators at the three, nine, and 12 o’clock positions and rounded bar hour indicators at remaining positions. Three subdials, an outer dial tachymeter ring, and luminescent-tipped skeleton hands round out this adventure-ready timepiece. This watch is water resistant to 330 feet (100 m).

Consumer Review
very stout and eye catching design
Looked all over, generally $650 in price. found a good deal due to some shipping mistakes (not by Amazon) the watch arrived overnight and very impressive, can’t wait to get into all the features. band fit is like it’s not even on. does NOT light up so I hope it will be visible at night. overall, more than i’d normally pay but it’s just a very nice piece of art and that’s what they make watches into, art.

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