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Hi-Lift Jack ORK Off-Road Kit

February 9th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Hi-Lift Jack ORK Off-Road Kit
ASIN : B00042KQ58
List Price : $94.39
Price : $65.76
Saved Price : $28.63

Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit is everything you need to winch with your Hi-Lift jack all in one convienent bag. Use this kit to turn your Hi-Lift jack into an even more versatile tool. This kit keeps all of the needed parts for winching at arms length.
GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!! Which just might happen!
Your life could depend on this kit, YIKES! I believe in over building anything I use. So what’s wrong with this kit. Only grade 43 chain, maybe, has an L4 stamp, 3/8″ hooks, which aren’t stamped with a grade rating at all, 5/8″ shackle(probably OK). I use grade 7 chain and 3/4″ shackles for my CJ7, weight, probably between 3700-4000lbs.
In assembling the winch tensioner, the hole is too far back in the casting to get the bolt thru. The width of the casting is too narrow to readily accept the chain link, didn’t allow for the weld on the link! After forcing the link into the casting, the second link is firm against the nose leaving a good 1/8″ to go to get the bolt in. I ground a small notch in the casting to allow the second link to seat itself a little deeper. Being as how you are going to be standing in line with the straps,chain,etc., the weakest link had better be the shear pin in the jack, ONLY!! You don’t want hooks, chain,etc. breaking under load, I don’t want to walk out…

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