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Inner Armour Nutritional Supplement Muscle Rush Peak, Fruit Punch, 153 Gram

September 17th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Inner Armour Nutritional Supplement Muscle Rush Peak, Fruit Punch, 153 Gram

Muscle rush peak has been formulated with the world’s most powerful ingredients in their full clinical doses in order to master the major critical power output systems in your body. This is not your typical fake pre-workout central nervous system stimulant but rather a true muscle stimulant which is exactly what your body needs to be stronger. Muscles achieve peak power output by greatly depending on ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), phosphor creatine (PCR), vasodilation, muscle PH (acid level of muscle), and the removal of debilitating byproducts of working muscles called hydrogen ions (H+) during your workout. No other supplement in the world combines the ingredients we combine in the doses in which we combine them, bringing you the most powerful pre-workout in the world with zero proprietary blends and full ingredient disclosure. No fillers. No dyes. Great taste. Gluten free.

Consumer Review
Works as intended
I am on my second week trying this product out. So far is works great. It take about 5-10 mins for the mix to actually get into my system. I do not feel any jitters nor do I feel a "burst " of energy. What I do feel is my work out intensity and focus has increased 2x over. I do not realize my muscles are fatigued until I can’t lift anymore weight. I will definitely continue buying this product. (I also buy the BCAA drink mix from inner armour to drink during my workout)

Testimulus Advance Testosterone Support – Perform At Your Peak – 60 Capsules

September 14th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Testimulus Advance Testosterone Support – Perform At Your Peak – 60 Capsules

Most Customers Report Results Within 2 Weeks
- Natural and Safe Ingredients
- Dramatic increases in energy and Libido
- Test Subjects Increased Stamina by 94% Compared to Placebo
- Naturally Boosts Free Testosterone Levels
- Promotes Optimal Body Composition
- Increased mental focus and clarity

Testimulus is well researched all natural testosterone booster made with a clinically-tested ingredient specially formulated to maximize free testosterone levels. The effective proprietary blend have combined some of the best researched ingredients to help men like you recapture the spirit of your youth
that work synergistically to dramatically improve overall body composition and optimum muscle mass growth.

Dont be fooled by gimmicky testosterone-boosting supplements that make promises that aren’t backed by research on humans. Testimulus contains only ingredients shown in human clinical studies to increase total and free testosterone. You can trust that Testimulus will help deliver the results you’re looking for!

- Made in USA
- FDA. GMP. Certified Facilities
- 100% Pure and Natural Ingredients

Consumer Review
Peak Performance
I’m 54, I was looking for something that would give me more energy in the bedroom and gym. Testimulus delivered. I noticed a difference around the fourth day of taking the supplement during my workout, I had much more energy and strength than before.I feel less tired and my stamina in the bedroom is top notch. Like every other health product, all body types will react differently to various products according to our genetic make up. For me however, this blend works as if it was custom made for my body.

Overall, Testimulus is a solid product. It has a good balance of everything I need in a test booster for: mood, energy, etc as well as better gym performance in one way or another. This is not some ‘raging beast’ of a product (ahem… like steroids). I have taken some products that may have been stronger in one aspect or another, but this one is balanced and will not disappoint.

Essential Abs: An Intense 6-Week Program (Men’s Health Peak Conditioning Guides)

July 22nd, 2013 Comments off

Title : Essential Abs: An Intense 6-Week Program (Men’s Health Peak Conditioning Guides)
ASIN : 1579542921

A six-pack of muscles or a six-pack of beer?

For the average guy, wasting money on an impossible workout book for abs just isn’t worth it. But in Essential Abs, ab master Kurt Brungardt has created a simple routine that will bring maximum results– fast. His step-by-step, 6-week program shows you how to make ab exercises more effective by integrating them into a quick total-body workout. Whether you’re a couch potato or a fitness fanatic, Brungardt helps you fine-tune your techniques for rock-hard abs in no time.


* The 11 commandments of self-improvement
* How much water you really need
* How to drop those lame excuses and get motivated
* The best ab exercises for sports
* Modifications that eliminate neck strain

Consumer Review
This Program Works
I am 5’9" 200, not a thin guy. Used a low carb diet to lose 10 pounds along with this program and in 2 weeks could see real results. My waist is smaller and I see definition in my abdominal area for the first time since my military college days, 35 years ago. The exercises are very well-described, not unusually difficult, and can be done on a living room floor with no equipment. You feel and see the results immediately. I usually complete the third level in 15 minutes. I have never written an online review before but was so pleased with this book and the results I felt that I should. For me it was money well-spent.

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