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Prenatal Cradle Adjustable Prenatal Cradle, Medium

April 8th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Prenatal Cradle Adjustable Prenatal Cradle, Medium

The Adjustable Prenatal Cradle reduces back pain and abdominal straining, hook and eye fasteners will not snag fine lingerie like other products with “sticky type” closures. Shoulder bands stay put for fashion conscious Moms. Cool, comfortable open abdomen allows Mom to apply lotion to stretching tummy. Product does not have to be removed to go to the ladies room. The Product is based on the most natural way a mother supports herself.

Consumer Review
Provides some relief
This is not a cure-all, but it definitely helps. I am 7 mos. pregnant with twins and I am carrying 40 extra lbs – all in the belly. I am still doing a lot of walking, and the cradle definitely helps. It does not completely eliminate back pain. But on the days I am on my feet all day, I feel much better if I wear the prenatal cradle. I also get very sore from sitting in front of my computer, and the cradle actually helps a bit with that too.

The downside is that the straps are actually visible with almost everything I wear – except tops or sweaters with a crew neck. Anything with a v-neck or a boat neck leaves the straps exposed. Even a tank top does not cover the straps, as they are designed to criss-cross at the center of the chest. But it’s a small price to pay for pain management.

By the way, based on other reviews I read, I bought a size up (eg, I bought a medium even though the size-chart indicated I would be a small) and it fits fine.

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