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Absonutrix Muscle Power – Xtreme Body Mass Building increase muscle volume

September 6th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Absonutrix Muscle Power – Xtreme Body Mass Building increase muscle volume

• Superior
• More complete
• More powerful

Absonutrix Muscle Power X.Treme Pump and Performance is the strongest supplement blend available on the market today!

Propel your physique transformation and Xtreme muscle fullness! Get ready for the pump and training of your life.

• XTreme Power
• Xtreme Energy
• Xtreme pumps

Highest Quality Ingredients

ABSONUTRIX MUSCLE POWER X.TREME uses the highest quality (more potent ingredients) less fillers & binders

• Absonutrix Muscle Power Extreme is the most powerful Cell Volumizers on the market.
• Absonutrix Muscle Power X.Treme contains more active ingredients.
• Absonutrix Muscle Power X.Treme uses less filler.

Modern weight lifters use it as a diet supplement to aid the development of muscle tissue. We harvest this blend of plants and process them to extract its natural goodness. In our facilities we purify it and blend it with other ingredients to bring you a great supplement.

So give yourself a break. Use Muscle Power as directed to help yourself feel better about facing the challenges that life throws at you.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hcl) 25mg 1,250%
Zinc (zinc methionine) 4.5mg 30%

Magnesium(as aspartate) 6.5mg 2%
Proprietary Formula 625.5mg *
Tribulis Terrestris (45% extract), DHEA, Deer Antler(powder), Tongkat Ali (powder), 5-Methyl 7-MethoxyIsoflavone, Rhodiola Rosea(5%rosavin), Alpha Lipoic acid, Octacosanol(from wheat germ)

Serving Size: 1 capsule Servings per Container: 60

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Incredible Abs, Volume 2

July 10th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Incredible Abs, Volume 2

Consumer Review
Four abdominal workouts
“Incredible Abs, Volume 2″ contains the following four abs workouts.

Incredible Abs 5 (20:34) 4 stars
Incredible Abs 6 (20:07) 5 stars plus
Incredible Abs 7 (19:41) 4.5 stars
Incredible Abs 1 (20:31) 4.5 stars

With each routine being about 20 minutes, my favorite is Abs 6 because it contains the deadly seven abdominal exercises, a series of exercises done on your back. These seven really work and challenge your core. The seven are the bicycle, rolly polly, reverse crunch with toe tap, lower belly blast, side knee bend, reverse crunch with legs up, and leg drops. No equipment is needed on the deadly seven, except maybe a mat.

In addition, Abs 7 works you with the large ball and Abs 1 is also also good. All these workouts do move fast, so be ready and clear a space. Cindy Whitmarsh instructs and demonstrates on all the workouts.

Here are the breakdowns.

Abs 5 requires 1 light dumbbell (3 to 5 lbs) and a mat…

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KMS California Add Volume Root and Body Lift 6.8 oz

March 28th, 2013 Comments off

Title : KMS California Add Volume Root and Body Lift 6.8 oz

KMS California Add Volume Root and Body Lift is an aerosol lite-weight spray foam that lifts roots, building body and texture.

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Power Color Volume 4. Color me Wealthy, Young and Fat Free! (Your ColorScope Color Personality)

March 19th, 2013 Comments off

Title : Power Color Volume 4. Color me Wealthy, Young and Fat Free! (Your ColorScope Color Personality)
ASIN : B007384DXW

Power Color Your Personal ColorScope


POWER COLOR IS AN ENTIRELY NEW COLOR PERSONALITY AND ENERGY CONCEPT. Presented in a fun, light-hearted 4 volume Kindle edition, the underlying concepts are profound. It is amazing, how, by asking non-color questions, you can define a individual Color Sign, personality, your best business associations, and the right employee for the job.

VOLUMES ONE AND TWO focus on relationships:
VOLUME ONE includes love, friendships, and your best choices for enduring romance.

VOLUME TWO gives insights into your business associations, offering the color test for hiring employees and showing you your best choices for partnerships and business alliances.

VOLUME THREE illustrates how you can balance and change your life by deliberately selecting colors to wear, meditate on, and surround yourself with.

VOLUME FOUR includes specific routines and visualizations to reverse aging, attract wealth, and lose weight. And while the underlying concepts in Power Color have been channeled from Farrse (Far’ say), volume four also includes suggested reading for those interested in further study in scientific color theory and color healing.

Power Color has been translated worldwide, including the German edition Farben-Craft und Kraft-Farben. which brought a team of filmmakers to Miami to include authors Busch and Davidson in a documentary on color where Davidson is filmed sketching a portrait of Busch in pastels. The documentary includes notables working in the area of color, among whom is John Ott.


“I feel enlightened!”

“This really cleared up something for me!”

“Boy, you nailed me on the button!”

“I wouldn’t have believed it, but it really works!”

“Nobody knows that part of me.”

“I just couldn’t resist the questionnaire.”

Consumer Review
Color me Wealthy, Young and Fat Free!
It is not a secret that I fell in love with the series of Power Color should anyone browse through my reviews of Volumes 1, 2 and 3. The sequence is well placed to better understand the depth of its significance color plays in our life as to who we are, how we conduct ourselves and who we attract. More so, the authors so clearly show us in Vol. 3 that color also can be a powerful tool to redirect our energy back to balance and regain our positive aura. As such, this Vol.4 carries us further how to use color to enhance specific intentions we wish to aspire to. In this case, wealth, youth, and body image.

Personally, I would not have picked up this specific Volume (4), knowing well that there are no magic bullets for these topics. But the deeper understanding and insight of the energy power in colors made me realize that it is really not about losing pounds, for example, but how to use the energy of color to enhance our intentions and aspirations, whatever they may be…

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