22 thoughts on “【1 Min Routine】Get a FLAT Belly & Tiny Waist in ONE Week! + My Diet Secrets くびれエクササイズ Melodee Morita”

  1. I wish i could lose weight again around my waist and my stomach, but sadly i have to be treated at Home to gain weight and can’t get to school until the doctors say i’m healthy again and can take Care of myself i am 13 and i weighed 41 before i weighed also 55 kg, now i weight 43 i wish i could fully get a flat and small waist stomach, because i never looked thin when i see myself in the mirror :C

  2. For me, I've been doing this for a year and even tho my weight has been fluctuating here and there, my waist is still defined and narrow and I think it is thanks to this one minute routine I do everyday. So thank you!! Love your channel!

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