my name is emi and i’ll be your server,
how may i help you today?
a table for one? got it~
would you like to begin your stay at this ethereal café?

ㅤ 。↷ *̥₊˚‧ミ !our specials today¡ •ଓ.°   
              ┊i.  overview
               ┊ii. benefits
               ┊iii. short faq
                ┊iv. get to know me
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶˗ˋ  .*ೃ₊˚. ↷

i. this is a flat, concave tummy and small waist subliminal!

ii. did you ask for our skinny tea? here you go~
1. wow how’d your waist get so slim overnight ?
— have the absolute utmost perfect tiny, minuscule, small, concave, microscopic, slim, thin, lean, skinny, little, dainty waist
— absolutely concave, skinny, thin, slim, flat, thin, dainty abdomen ever

iii. small f.a.q!
— what is a subliminal?
• an audio subliminal is an audio with
hidden, inaudible affirmations under
music, rain, asmr, water, and silent
subliminals are the same thing but
well, silent. there’s no noise on top of
the affirmations.
— how do subliminals work?
• subliminals work because of the
affirmations! they pass your
conscience mind and enter you
subconscious mind.
— can i request a subliminal from you?
• in all honesty, i only take requests if
if i believe, agree, or think it’s not
vain. i will not accept toxic/
underground requests, beauty, or
anything harmful to you or anyone.
— how much should i listen?
• listen at least once a day. make
yourself believe the less you listen
the faster the results! listen at any
volume, with or without headphones.

iiii. get to know me!
— i’m emi, i’m 14, i’m going to my sophomore
year and i really enjoy making subliminals!
i love anime, minecraft, and lofi~ i live in
california and i believe in Yahuah, the original
Hebrew name of the christian “god”.
my favorite animes are: haikyuu, kakegurui,
ouran highschool host club, kiss him not me,
fruits basket, and your lie in april! comment
if yours are the same hehe~




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