32 thoughts on “10 min Abs Workout for a Flat Stomach | Get ABS this 2020”

  1. Ok but I actually did the 2 first videos!! I'm an overweight 12 year old and I'm so so proud of myself for actually making it. I took a few breaks and I did the "easier" Options but as I'm very overweight, very bad shape and gets tired from folding clothes that must be something?

  2. Dumb question but now that we're in quarantine – Should I be doing this video 3 times over even though the section in the program says just doing this video once?

  3. Hey Chloe, I tried your "abs in 2 weeks" challenge and it helped me reduce 2 inches from upper ab area. My stomach has a quite strange shape. I have tummy in the middle part of the stomach. Which workout of yours will help in reducing that?

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