10 Min Intense Ab Workout: Flat Stomach Exercises

This is an intense 10 min ab workout that well help melt the fat off your lower abs, tone up the obliques, and strengthen your core! All the moves were spontaneous, but filmed in real time so you can work out with me 🙂 If you have further video requests, feel free to leave them in the comments down below! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe on your way out! I hope you all have a fantastic day xo



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39 thoughts on “10 Min Intense Ab Workout: Flat Stomach Exercises”

  1. commit, that is all you gotta do and I PROMISE yall, you will see results. Right after the workout, I can tell my 11 line is more noticeable. You guys got this !!

  2. I love this workout! It is really great! But one tip is don’t put plank exercise after plank exercise after plank exercise because it is a lot of pressure one the toes and shoulders

  3. If you don't do it for a while, it hurts as hell. I hold a weight behind my head whenever possible and when lying down, as it hurts even more such as leg raise, reverse crunches etc. Side plank, I lift my body from the mat. It burns at d end.

  4. I’m gonna do this every day and I will be updating by week :
    w1: well, I did it but I didn't see much change but ig its because I had two rest days ( and there was a bday so I eat a lot)
    w2: so since I didn't see much change I started doing chloe ting 28 flat stomach challenge (i started when w2 started )with this one and I don't feel like I've seen much change, so I'm going to plan to eat healthier bc I really haven't, the only thing I've done was not eat anything after 6 and drink lots of water, BUT what has change is that I got better in this exercise and I've started to sweat much more.
    w4: I honestly stopped doing this workout for about a week ago because I honestly hadn't planned anything out ,I thought I was going to eat healthier but it was hard , I dint know what I needed to eat and how much of it , plus there were days in which I had to eat food late at night that were unhealthy just because of special occasions. My journey wasn't strong so I decided to take a break , but after watching other videos I found a way in which my journey could be better, I just needed to change my habits by: not eating junk food , try to not eat after 6/7 but if I were hungry I would just eat oatmeal snacks (basically healthy stuffs) and by the most important thing -> DRINKS LOTS OF WATER and well I hope that I can loose more weight , cz I did loose some weight after this 1st month but not much BUT yes , I will start w my journey again by changing those habits and doing daily exercise early in the morning oh and get lots of sleep.

  5. Been using this workout video for 3 years and my waist slimmed down so much and defined by 11 abs 🙂 Highly recommend using this video it works!

  6. i’ve been doing this everyday for the last 3 months. first month i saw major changes and more definition on my stomach. however, not too much has changed in the last month probably because my body is so used to it. I started adding ankle weights to hopefully continue my progress. i have lost a lot of inches from my waist and my clothes have begun to fit better, some even too big! Def recommend this workout.

  7. Okay, we are in 2020 and I would like to have abs this year, about 4 days ago I started doing this routine, I left it for about 3 days and now I came back, I just realized that the middle line is starting to see much more and that the 11 abs. If you want to start doing this routine do not hesitate, it is very good and in a few days you will see results. Good luck and happy start of the year.

    Pd: if you didn't understand some words, I'm sorry, I'm latina jiji

  8. This workout helped me a lot in 2018 when I wanted to lose weight i did this for about 4-5 months and I lost around 19 pounds for a short person about 5’0 but It just takes time and effort my diet consisted with lots of fruits and vegetables along with a lot of water but you have to put the hard work and dedication!!

  9. Hello I just found this this morning oh, I was just wondering if you have or if you don't you could make an app video that is more at a beginner level then this, it's very difficult to find good workout videos for a mature woman's body who is at the beginning of her workout / weight loss Journey. And I particularly need to work on my abs. Thank you so much I enjoyed your video

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