10 Min Intense Ab Workout | Flat Tummy Exercises Routine

10 Mins Intense Ab Workout | Flat Tummy Exercises | Intense Abs Workout | Flat Stomach Exercises | Lose Belly Fat | Burn Tummy Fat | Abs Routine | Abs Exercises

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Do it with my HIIT Workouts or my other Intense Ab Workout
Intense Ab Workout Vol 1: https://youtu.be/u30ElgGF8yk

Summer Shred Body Series:
EP#01 Full Body and Ab Workout: https://youtu.be/eGapz-Kivwo
EP#02 Arms and Ab Workout: https://youtu.be/ui_IvV3Z-qg
EP#03 HIIT Workout: https://youtu.be/y02c9vaDRBw

Full Body: https://youtu.be/agGhLxiPuMc
Toned Legs: https://youtu.be/qd8EdzJQQbY
Abs – Obliques: https://youtu.be/rijgN-X9-kk

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26 thoughts on “10 Min Intense Ab Workout | Flat Tummy Exercises Routine”

  1. It's been 3 years and every time I want to Kickstart getting into shape again I come back to this video, idk what it is with this specific one but it gives me results always without fail

  2. Hello everyone, I've been doing this exercise for about 1 and a half years now. If you're looking for a very effective abs-intensive exercise, this is it. I went from someone who had never worked out to someone who does 6-minute planks lol
    I recommend starting with volume 1 first to build up your core muscles, then slowly working up to this, taking as many breaks as you need in between exercises. This is the most important thing: DO NOT GIVE UP. It will hurt at first, but the results really pay off!
    My ab muscles started showing about a week and a half in, and it really built up my self-confidence and discipline to keep on working out. Obviously you can't do this exercise forever, I recommend switching every once in a while to some cardio/plank/arms workout so you don't get bored of doing this exercise forever. However, some things to take note, especially if you're doing this for the abs (like I was at the start):
    1. You might need to do cardio on top of this exercise in order for your abs to show, as well as watching what you eat (please don't starve yourself, doing smaller things like drink less sweet drinks or cut down on snacks in between meals is far healthier and more sustainable long-term)
    2. Everyone's body is different!! This means sometimes your fats are gathered at different areas than others', pls don't be too hard on yourself if your abs don't show! I've worked out almost everyday for almost two years and my abs still don't show only until I stretch, whereas for others they might already have abs with less intense exercises. That's perfectly fine! For me, once I got used to the idea of working out consistently (to maintain my abs), I started caring less about how they looked appearance-wise and started to set fitness goals for myself (8 minute plank gang)
    I really recommend this exercise (or just exercising in general) to anyone reading this. It really makes a difference in a lot of things.

  3. why is working out so fun !! i’ve been doing it for so long today !! just knowing that it’s good to you makes me want to do MORE!!!

  4. I'm not someone into sns or other social things but I saw the hate comments. So I decided to tell this. I follow chole's workout videos since 2017. I got visible my basic abs and flat tummy. And when I eat unhealthy for reasons or skip workouts I use this videos again and again and use as home workout or warm up for gym sessions. So it might not work for everyone but it really do work for me. I work hard for my body and keep my diet. I don't know the point of hate comments, they got a problem with their willpower or dedication or their natural body. I can say chole nailed the all fitness videos And I witness. Thank you and ❤❤

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