34 thoughts on “10 min SMALLER WAIST Workout for Flat Belly | Beginner Friendly At Home Routine”

  1. I’m going to try and do this everyday until I get back to school

    Day 1: OW this hurts but I still did it
    Day 2: I did the workout but forgot to update but it still hurts and I woke up sore lol
    Day 3: I did it! And my waist definitely is starting to get just a little tighter

  2. I am so mad at myself i couldn’t keep doing the exercises for 45sec and i know if i do them regularly its going to be better but i had to ask if there is someone out there doing it for the first time and having a hard time?

    Off topic but the SLIM LEGS IN 20 DAYS! 10 min No Jumping Quiet Home Workout ~ Emi video is THE BEST for legs

  3. Me reads comments:oh I can't get results in less then 5weeks oh wow let's go
    My body:boys this is Killin me

  4. today is my 3rd day of doing this workout, and i already see results in my waist and stomach!!

  5. im starting today before i go back to school on may 15th
    other info:
    drinking 4-8 bottles of water a day
    diet:not too strict but im not eating junk food alot
    doing this with other workout videos(my playlist)

    day 1:complete

  6. i can’t be jumping lol, i’m in my bedroom and when i jump my dad and mom are like “wtf is she doing up there”

  7. I did this workout for the first time and then I started to get really dizzy and I fainted but then I caught myself before I fell… I'm gonna try it again tomorrow though

  8. Why am I so out of shape lmao this quarantine got me fucked up…

    day 1: DONE!! had to take break during some exercises cos a sis was dying

  9. This workout is so haaaard. The burn is rlly intense huhu but for the sake of my body, i'll still do this for the rest of the quar days. Jiayoouuu!!!

  10. anyone wanting to do this workout listen, you can do it push yourself to doing it you got this dont give up!

  11. My routine for getting in shape:
    -Eat lots of fruit, protein, vegetables, and drink at least four cups of water a day!
    -Do this workout every four days, then go on the treadmill
    (I'm insecure about my chubby cheeks, so sometimes I do some facial exercises)


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