16 thoughts on “10 Mins ABS Workout To Get FLAT BELLY IN 30 DAYS | FREE WORKOUT PROGRAM”

  1. day 1
    I can do most of the exercise but not for long I struggle on some of them but I try and do as much as I can. it burns like hell.

    day 2
    my whole stomach and sides hurt. I still struggle with some of the exercises but I can attempt the whole work out with a couple of breaks here and there.

    day 3
    my stomach and sides still hurt but the pains are manageable. I can do some of the work out for longer but still, struggle on some of them.

  2. can anyone else ABSOLUTELY NOT STAND the bunny hops. By then, my arms and legs are so tired and I don't even feel anything in my abs. But everything else I love it's still a great video.

  3. Anyone else looking at the mirror realising the results are amazing and when trying to take a progress pic the lighting makes it look like nothing has changed? Or is it just me? XD

  4. Everybody is talking about how they're hiding out in their room doing this so their parents dont find out and I'm over here asking my mom to come do it with me because I hate working out alone lol. My dad wound up joining us and he HATES exercising so he just keeps complaining and groaning and it's so funny my mom and I can't even finish the exercise because we're laughing too hard

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