10 Minute intense AB workout – Flat Stomach Exercises PART 2

Get a flat stomach in 10 Minutes! INTENSE AB WORKOUT to get you Abs and fire up those OBLIQUES! Workout in the comfort of your own home with no equipment and get results. This 10 minute intense ab workout will getting those abs popping! Get this free workout plan 👉🏻 http://rebecca-louise.com/ 💛

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24 thoughts on “10 Minute intense AB workout – Flat Stomach Exercises PART 2”

  1. This is easy and effective , especially the "hold 45' leg drop" , certainly after doing a hard cardio abs routine with complicated combo moves…

  2. Rebecca just finished this workout…..just loved it . You made me get abs which I always wanted . Can you suggest some exercises for love handles at the sides of the waist.

    Thank you so much for everything you do, especially right now. I am a massage therapist (in Canada) and my workplace is closed indefinitely because of COVID-19. I have no income right now and so free, accessible, at home workouts are vital to maintain my physical and mental health. Hopefully I will qualify for financial assistance soon, but even then it will be essential to stay at home as much as possible and so your workouts and your positive attitude will be will help me more than you can imagine.

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