19 thoughts on “10-Minute No-Equipment Flat-Belly Workout”

  1. This workout is incredible. I’ve been doing it for a little over a week (once every morning) and I can already see results. Sometime I like to pair it with running! I feel great.

  2. I really enjoyed this video. This is an essential program. Very interesting and informative video. Thank you.

  3. Great workout, only thing I’d like to say is that the ads kill your workout, creates a distraction to stay focus and concentrated on your workout. Would there be a way to remove them? Or have at least less. Thanks for sharing!

  4. the description says "tone your abs…'' im not good with english so does it means to reduce/burn your belly fat or just shape your existing flat stomach? i have a 34inch belly fat i would like reduce so i'm wondering doing this workout will burn it? :/ i'm thinking of doing this like every other day. like not daily.

  5. I would have given this a 10 if there weren't two back-to-back ads right in the middle of your workout.

  6. It was difficult to stick along with the workout when the ads were in the middle of it. Other than that, it was a great workout.

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