12 Mins Flat Stomach Workout – Summer Challenge



Welcome to Day 3 of the summer challenge. And yes, today we are focusing back on the abs, but more importantly, exercises to get a flat stomach.

In today’s routine, Ive put together some amazing exercises to help tighten and tone that core and get those define abs. This workout will focus on all key areas of the stomach to define the abs and will have them burning! Do remember that getting a flat stomach can be done with exercises, but nutrition plays a key role.

So! Follow the set schedule for the entire week, and then just repeat the week again for the rest of June to see amazing results!

For this challenge, make sure you take before pictures and at the end of June, send me your transformations to hello@hollydolke.com – do not forget to get the detox above to help eliminate toxins and also get the summer meal plan which contains different delicious meals every single day 🙂


Holly xx

Disclaimer: I was 8 weeks pregnant during this workout and my doctor’s full consent to workout. If you are pregnant, please always consult your doctor before doing any exercise or trying this yourself.

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34 thoughts on “12 Mins Flat Stomach Workout – Summer Challenge”

  1. my abs are still sore from day 1. I am day 3 and this is the first playlist that I am trying and I already love it! I feel good after doing, it feels a lot better than sitting doing nothing all day. this gives me the motivation to stand up, drink more water and just be productive in general. Thank you Holly!

  2. The 90 dislikes are from people not willing to try and ones that expected immediate abs after one video. Holly’s videos are amazing and have helped me and so many others feel confident and happier. I love Holly’s videos and her inspirational attitude ❤️.

  3. Get prepared! Day 3/6 halfway through it!! Will do heat 2.0 as well. I'm feeling my muscles working after a long time of not doing sh*t
    Can't wait to see results!

  4. Day :little bit challenging but I Love it.
    Your Little baby girl in your tummy says :oh mama, I enjoy it. Let's do it together when I come here. Can't wait to meet you. Mama

  5. Holly, girl my life, spirit and body are on a whole other level because of your amazing teaching skills!!! Sometimes I feel like I’m in your home doing them with you! I started 3 months ago no able to finish one ab workout now I’m doing 2 a workouts a day!!! Sending you my results in email soon! Xoxo

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