15 Minute Flat Stomach Workout. Standing Abs to Reduce Belly Fat

Try this 15 minute flat stomach workout to reduce belly fat fast. Do these low impact standing ab exercises 4 times a week and follow the tips in the video to lose weight and burn tummy fat.

The stomach workout is suitable for the women and for the men, these ab exercises can be done at home without equipment or weights.

To increase the fat loss effect start an healthy diet.

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Consult your doctor before starting the flat stomach workout.

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27 thoughts on “15 Minute Flat Stomach Workout. Standing Abs to Reduce Belly Fat”

  1. I coudn t even complete it i reached the last movement and ifelt like i am going to fell down m'y stomach hearts so bad any advice for me bc i really want to workout daily and my body really gets tired so easily

  2. Thank you Lumowell for keeping me active! I just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and the doctors say I need to move more and not be so sedentary, so I've been doing this video once a day at night for the past 5 days. Also, I've been doing your lose belly fat HIIT 9 minute workout bidaily along with other exercise videos if I feel like it. I've exersiced 141 minutes in 5 days (hard to believe for me) and feel better physically and a little mentally. I've been eating a little healthier (no chocolate or chips, but everything else) and trying to count calories. I'll keep you all updated. I know I'm being overly proud about this, but I'm happy to start losing weight. However, I have gained 2 pounds and I'm almost certain it's muscle because my stomach looks a little flatter. Any tips on how to lose weight instead of gaining muscle/fat?

  3. Fun and clever workout. The explanations are clear. You have less intense exercises in between to catch your breath. The "if you can't" exercise is also very useful. When I began, I had troubles to follow the pace of the virtual lady but after a few times it's OK. Now I have to try lifting my legs as high as her.

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