15 Minute Flat Tummy Workout for a Strong Functional Core

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In this workout Amy first talks through the concepts of training the deep core (transverse abdominus) to really strengthen the abs and obtain that “flat tummy” everyone talks about, then takes you through a 15 minute workout to scupt and tone your entire midsection for a functional core. Options for all fitness levels.


42 thoughts on “15 Minute Flat Tummy Workout for a Strong Functional Core”

  1. Hi Amy, I would like to know the brand, size and where to buy a mat like the one you are using in this video. Thanking you in advance for whatever info. you might provide, and also thanking you for your great work out videos!

  2. you are amazing. Thank you so so much! I had a very bad diastisis. 4 big boys and working full time, ugh– took its toll! Your moves are definitely helping me so much.

  3. i gave birth 3 and a half months ago and just started your workouts is there a plan , like what to do for the week, for eg one day legs and but one day arms and chest etc…

  4. Everybody let's give like/thumbs up to Amy's videos, for YT algorithm. Let's help expand and spread these videos (it's been life changing for me, really appreciate it very much)

  5. Could you provide time stamps for the workout start for those of us who like to repeat the videos and don’t always need the detail every time?

  6. Amy. You are great. I had two c-sections between 2016 and 2018, and after two years my core hasn't recovered yet. The concepts you shared here are really important and hope I understand it. Thank you

  7. LOL my husband and I are DIEING! – this is my faaaavorite core excercise… I cannot believe how much this channel has changed our lifes. I always knew working out with him is fun, but this is stuff we can actually do together while the kids are sleeping and we love every painful second of it.


  8. Wow, this was a total eye opener! Can't believe how much engaging the deep core changed the exercises. And love that you can just do the breathing throughout the day. Thanks so much!

  9. I definitely loved this workout, and I really learned some things that I have not been aware of before. So thank you Amy for beeing so good at explaining it, making it easy to understand :-))

  10. Loved this! This was just what I was looking for today. I've been doing your videos for a while throughout my pregnancies. Finally 7 months pp with my third (and final lol) baby. I second the comment looking for a video to help correct posture. Thank you always, Amy. <3

  11. Amy, thank you for the education on this. I have been doing home video workouts for almost 6 years and you are BY FAR my favorite instructor. You care about the people viewing your videos and I appreciate how real you are and the education that you provide to us all. Peace and blessings to you! I will be sharing this video with my work colleagues to spread the word about your channel!

  12. Thank you for this! Your videos have helped me get healthy after having a baby. I was wondering if you had thought about doing a stretch video for fixing posture and correcting forward head posture? That's something I am trying to fix and usually in the morning I will do one of your workouts and then switch to a posture correcting video. However most of those types of videos just show you once what to do and are like "do this 5 times". I'd love to have a posture video where I can just follow along with you as I'd be more likely to actually do the exercises properly, and your upbeat vibe and attitude is also motivating.

  13. Wow! What a difference!!!! I have been working out literally since I was 4 years old (my mom used to watch Body Electric on PBS and I worked out with my Campbell’s soup cans right next to her) and I HAVE never heard it put that way. I love it!!!

  14. Thank you sooooo much. I have been struggling with working my core and seeing results. I believe this is what I have been missing. Your explanation made it so clear. I can wait to see the results.

  15. thank you for this in-depth core exercises Amy! I have a 2cm DR gap after having 2 kids and I am hoping these will help me to get it functional again. I have been doing wrong ab exercises and it hurt my back a lot and probably made my DR even worse. I am so grateful to have found your page. Have a great day and stay safe.

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