18 Exercises For A Flat Stomach

18 Exercises for a Flat Stomach:

1. C-Sit Rotational Chops (0:29)
2. Leg Climbs (0:44)
3. Lying Knees (0:59)
4. Side Plank Rotational Knee (1:11)
5. Tabletop Knee Tucks (1:26)
6. Crossed-Leg Lift (1:37)
7. Single Single Double Boat (1:50)
8. Lift and Lower Criss Cross (2:06)
9. C-Sit Hinge And Reach (2:22)
10. Circle Crunches (2:40)
11. Elbows To Knees (2:59)
12. Double Bike (3:17)
13. Hinge Knee Tuck (3:35)
14. Slow Mo Single Leg Lowers (3:47)
15. Forearm Flutters (4:03)
16. Plank Rocks (4:14)
17. Sit Thru Crunch (4:29)
18. Plank Wings (4:43)
19. The Laying Cone (4:56)

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19 thoughts on “18 Exercises For A Flat Stomach”

  1. I been following you and I love your advice, you explain perfect and you look very much the part and ripped and in great shape for what you promote love it. Don't ever stop the classes and education……

  2. I really love how your exercises use all our planes of motion to really create balanced strength. I feel like I am not missing anything.

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