2 in 1 – Flat Stomach & Round Booty Home Workout

This 15-minute 2-in-1 video will help you get rid of unwanted fat in your belly and increase the size of our butt together! This is an effective way to work out both parts of the body where we normally feel insecure about.

In just 15 minutes a day, you will be doing simple body-weight exercises that work both your abdominal muscles and your lower body area resulting in more calories burned. Lose the fat get that flat stomach and round bottom, just in time for summer!

You can do this video alone at home or you can do it with a workout buddy. A friend who’s also excited to get in great physique so you can flaunt your summer-perfect body together!

You can do this workout everyday to see the results. Good luck and let’s begin the workout! !️

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