18 thoughts on “3 Fat Burner Drinks for Weight Loss & Flat Belly | Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Belly Fat”

  1. Hi Maam,

    Can we mix all 6 ingredients in water pan
    And heat
    If yes any side effects ?

    I am Male 32 years old

    Plz suggest me

  2. मेरा नाम जसविंदर सैनी है और मैंने अपना 8 केजी वेट 2 महीने में लूस किया है मेरी वाइफ ने 14 केजी वेट ढाई महीने में लूज किया है आप में से कोई भी पर्सन अपनी फिटनेस के लिए सीरियस है तो मुझे इस नंबर पर व्हाट्सएप करें 9416664410 अपनी फिटनेस के लिए सीरियस पर्सन ही रिप्लाई करें मेरा और अपना टाइम खराब बिल्कुल मत करें

  3. Thank you, this is awesome information. Just a suggestion – the background music is louder than your voice, so if you can kindly adjust that in your upcoming videos that would be awesome!

  4. shall we refrigerate for few days ?? before taking this just warm it and drink ? is that okay kavitha ?

  5. thanks kavitha also can I take any of this drink empty stomach or can be taken after meals as well

  6. Hi Kavitha. Can my husband take this? He might not like it. But want him to take these. Especially for cholesterol and his urge to keep on eating outside.

  7. hi kavitha,
    can I drink this fat cutter.
    because I m breast feeding mother.
    pls suggest me.

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