I’m challenging you to do this 30-min fat burn workout to achieve your weight loss dreams! This workout consists of the best and most effective routines that help burn overall body fat and give you full body weight loss results!

By doing this workout on a regular basis and with a healthy diet as well, I can guarantee significant changes in your body and in your weight in 3-4 weeks.

Work hard and train hard and commit to doing this workout until you see the results you’ve been waiting for! Good luck!❤️💪

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31 thoughts on “30 MIN FULL BODY HOME WORKOUT (No Equipment)”

  1. I have been doing Emi Wong's whole body workout for two months!!

    1st Day : Done
    2nd Day : My body was aching and my legs were very sore, do I couldn't do it.
    3rd Day : Done (less pain)
    4th Day : Done (lesser pain)
    I found out that doing these exercises are very advantageous for me, I feel less lazier!! 😉

  2. Thank you very very very much Robertas gym because.I lost 10 kg in 4 weeks with a simple diet and this workout i have done . another 10 kgs I want to lose within this month and i will definitely post in command section .Again thank you .

  3. I started doing this from yesterday..
    1rst day I did 20 mins..and 2nd day 23 mins.. Its really good..
    Hope i'll get gud results by doing this exercise

    I'll share my results after 15 days..

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