4 Best Flat Tummy Exercises [TIGHT LOWER ABS] | LiveLeanTV

Please watch the full video to learn proper form and execution of each exercise so you can get the best results.
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HOW MUCH/HOW OFTEN? I recommend following each exercise for 20 seconds with 10 sec rest periods, for 3 rounds. The entire workout will take you 6 minutes. Do this 3 to 4 times per week to see results in just a few weeks.
IMPORTANT: Good nutrition and full body workouts are also needed to lose belly fat and reveal your toned ab muscles. Add this tummy toning workout along with a smart meal plan and training guide.
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4 Best Flat Tummy Exercises [TIGHT LOWER ABS] | LiveLeanTV

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22 thoughts on “4 Best Flat Tummy Exercises [TIGHT LOWER ABS] | LiveLeanTV”

  1. Hi i have had three repeat cesarean sections from 1999,2002,2008 is there a way to get rid of this belly i have? Even with doing crunches etc i have yet to even see a reduction in that area.

  2. Does this reduce belly fat beautiful? I really want a flat stomach but I’m unsure if these will make me loose my belly fat so my I can start working on my abs

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