5 Day ABS Challenge For A Flat Tummy – Simple Exercises

A flat tummy takes hard work to achieve, but it’s not impossible and yes, you can definitely get it!

Here is a workout challenge to help you achieve abs in just 5 days of commitment and workout. Combine it with a healthy diet and you’re on your way to amazing weight loss results and a sculptured core!

Good luck and make sure to workout everyday until the challenge is over. Don’t worry if you feel you need to workout some more to see better results. Just make sure to stay committed and dedicated to the workout!

Let’s begin!❤️💪

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00:00 Body Rotations
00:47 Side Bends
01:39 Torso Twists
02:26 Rest
02:48 Knee Drive
03:26 Rest
03:53 Standing Crunch
04:38 Rest
05:05 Knee Drive
05:42 Rest
06:09 Standing Crunch
06:54 Rest
07:31 Waist Pinchers Left
08:16 Rest
08:38 Waist Pinchers Right
09:23 Rest
09:45 Waist Pinchers Left
10:30 Rest
10:52 Waist Pinchers Right
11:36 Rest
12:13 Diagonal Abs Left
12:53 Rest
13:10 Diagonal Abs Right
13:50 Rest
14:07 Diagonal Abs Left
14:47 Rest
15:05 Diagonal Abs Right
15:45 Rest
16:02 Diagonal Abs Left
16:42 Rest
16:59 Diagonal Abs Right
17:39 Rest
18:16 V Up
19:00 Rest
19:22 Russian Twist
20:03 Rest
20:25 V Up
21:10 Rest
21:32 Russian Twist
22:12 Rest
22:44 Side Plank Pulse Left
23:29 Rest
23:51 Side Plank Pulse Right
24:35 Rest
24:57 Side Plank Pulse Left
25:41 Rest
26:03 Side Plank Pulse Right
26:47 Rest
27:24 Side Crunches Left
28:06 Rest
28:23 Side Crunches Right
29:06 Rest
29:23 Side Crunches Left
30:05 Rest
30:22 Side Crunches Right
31:05 Rest
31:22 Side Crunches Left
32:04 Rest
32:21 Side Crunches Right


32 thoughts on “5 Day ABS Challenge For A Flat Tummy – Simple Exercises”

  1. I was on vacation and didn't work out for 2 weeks, ate a lot of chocolate. sugary/oily stuffs and what not. I feel so guilty but I am happy that I'm back 🙁

  2. Doing this for 10 days

    day1: done 🙂

    Day2: done:)

    Sorry I forgot to update

    Day3: done:)

    Day4: done:)

    Day 5: done:)

    Day 6: done 🙂

    Day7: done:)

    I dont see much of a difference but ive noticed I have more nerghy than usual.

  3. Day 1 Complete ✅ 22 min
    Day 2 Complete ✅ 24 min
    Day 3 Complete ✅30 min
    Day 4 Complete ✅ 27 min
    Day 5 Complete ✅ 30 min
    Russian Twist very difficul
    Side plan is also difficult
    Belly to nhi gaya bt body light or slim feel ho rahi i think 1 month continue kre shayad tb belly jayega ..

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