5-Day Flat Belly & Slim Legs

Get a flat belly along with slimmer legs with today’s weight loss workout! Do this everyday for the next 5 days for the best results – good luck!❤️💪

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00:00 Forward Calf Raises
00:56 Squat In Out
01:40 Rest
02:07 Victory Squat
02:51 Rest
03:19 Squat And Kick
04:16 Rest
04:53 Squat In Out
05:37 Rest
06:14 Single Leg Bridge Left
07:26 Single Leg Bridge Right
08:37 Rest
09:19 Leg Kicks
10:06 Rest
10:38 Side Leg Raise Right
11:36 Side Leg Raise Left
12:33 Rest
13:21 Knee Drive
13:51 Rest
14:03 Knee Raises
14:36 Rest
15:08 High Knee Chops Right
15:46 High Knee Chops Left
16:25 Rest
16:57 Knee Tuck Crunch
17:48 Rest
18:30 Russian Twist
19:00 Rest
20:02 Forward Calf Raises
20:58 Squat In Out
21:43 Rest
22:10 Victory Squat
22:54 Rest
23:21 Squat And Kick
24:18 Rest
24:55 Squat In Out
25:40 Rest
26:17 Single Leg Bridge Left
27:28 Single Leg Bridge Right
28:39 Rest
29:21 Leg Kicks
30:09 Rest
30:41 Side Leg Raise Right
31:38 Side Leg Raise Left
32:36 Rest
33:23 Knee Drive
33:54 Rest
34:06 Knee Raises
34:38 Rest
35:10 High Knee Chops Right
35:48 High Knee Chops Left
36:28 Rest
37:00 Knee Tuck Crunch
37:51 Rest
38:33 Russian Twist


29 thoughts on “5-Day Flat Belly & Slim Legs”

  1. I’m starting today until eid my goal is losing a little of my belly fat . I’m doing the water fast only while fasting in Ramadan and I will do these exercises twice a day .

  2. I'm gonna do these workouts for about a week and I'll update
    Day 1: i just finished but its kinda exhausting but its just the beginning!
    Day 2: Done!! I recomment to take a lot of breaks!!
    Day 3: I lost 4 kg in 2 days wow!!
    Day4: i was kinda lazy today but i did my workout and i can see some difference.
    Day 5:

  3. Si el ejercicio es parte de la salud animamos a que lo hago principalmente por este covid nos tiene confinado tenemos que ejercitar nos para no estar gorditos

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