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Woohoo! It’s our last week of wellness month! Can you believe that? I feel like these last few weeks went by so quickly! I hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as I have! Here’s another Pilates inspired ab workout that I love to do at home when I need to strengthen and tighten my core. Let me know what you think in the comments below – also what are everyone’s holiday plans?



Thankyou so much @Alo Yoga for being to able to use the studio!


Sanne Alo Bottom – Beige: https://bit.ly/3gziB2P
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Sami Alo Bottom- Beige: https://bit.ly/36YCEEP
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36 thoughts on “5 MIN FLAT BELLY PILATES AB Workout//NO EQUIPMENT//14 Day Challenge”

  1. Love this workout! This is my second time doing it. Worked out for 15 minutes this morning because I did another one before this video. You’re so calm and peaceful it makes me feel like I can actually continue doing this!

  2. I felt the burn so much but it felt so good at the same time. I will be doing this every day! Thank you so much for this workoit I generally don't feel the burn in ab workouts but I certainly did in yours. With lots of love <3

  3. the girl with gray? top looks like she is putting tension on her neck maybe she’s using here core at the same time, I mean it looks painful I hope she did not hurt her neck

  4. decided to try this out for 4 weeks hehe !! i will try my best to update every week if i dont im really really sorry !!
    – waist size 62 cm (24 inches)
    – weight 48 kg (105 lbs)
    (im not doing this challenge to lose weight i just want to tone up hehe)
    – week 1: on the 1st day the workout was PAIN but it felt really good after and i was really sore the next day. it is still hard of course but not as much as it was the first day… i still dont have abs duh but i can see those 2 lines like 11 line abs so im excited for next week !!
    – week 2: this week for first 5 days i catched a cold and i didnt want to workout until i fully recovered from it. i worked out only for last 2 days of this week but my health was my priority so i dont mind it. the workout was P A I N but surprisignly i didnt give up and i tried my best to finish the workout. i dont have abs yet of course because i didnt workout for almost whole week. i have 2 more weeks left and i hope to see good results!!

  5. I do all of this except for the last workouts that involve using your feet because I have a fractured foot. I've been doing this combined with another video for a few weeks now n i notice the difference in my waist n the shape it creates, thank you for this because i've been trying to look for a short pilates routine

  6. Me before the workout: Ooo Pilates, this will be easy.
    Me during the workout: Ahhh! Why does it burn so bad!! It’s only 5 minutes!
    Me after the workout: wow, that actually felt really nice.

  7. I had just finished a 30 minute workout and felt like I could do a little more so I hoped on here. I’ll definitely be throwing this in every other day after my main workout

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