5 Minute Flat Abs Workout w/ POPSUGAR

Flatten your belly & tone your abs with this 5 minute ab circuit. I’m joined by my friend Anna Renderer – Host, PopSugar Fitness. See the standing abs workout I did on the PS channel https://youtu.be/SRq7XtDW0wg

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16 thoughts on “5 Minute Flat Abs Workout w/ POPSUGAR”

  1. Lol this video is so old. But seriously the butterfly one is awesome!!! This workout is the best as a warm up for other ab workouts. Thank you so much you guys!!!

  2. I know these videos are older. So chances of you seeing my comment isn't high. But if by chance you do see it,, Can you do a 5 minute oblique work out? I ripped my abs apart during my pregnancy years ago. So I need to repair them before working on my abs. I'd so appreciate it if you could ❤

  3. Great workout- but who cares whether we are home or on the beach doing these exercises, especially the crab crunch!! Men wouldn't be so self conscious, so good lesson for women to stop doing this and being confident regardless.

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