7 Day Beginner Core Challenge | Flat Tummy Exercises | Day 1

This 7 day beginner core challenge is to help you start your journey towards achieving a flat stomach and strengthen your abs! Follow the real time workouts to and see modifications and correct form of the exercises we do together.

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25 thoughts on “7 Day Beginner Core Challenge | Flat Tummy Exercises | Day 1”

  1. I really appreciate the guidance about cradling the head, my performance with ab excercises always seems to be shit because I strain my neck too much but I did not feel it in the head AT ALL because of the instructions

  2. so excited for this! My core is pretty weak and a lot of core exercise videos I find are too challenging. This was such a great video! I still felt the burn but I wasn't compromising my back or neck.

  3. Day 1 ✅ I did this 4 times yeiiii
    Day 2 ✅ I also did the 2nd day of the challenge 4 times!!!! me proud honeyyyyyy
    Day 3✅ I did it 5 times!!! We are so so closeeee
    Day 4 upsss
    Day 5 upsss

    Day 6 ✅ Got reincorporated and did the day 4 video 3 times!! Nobody is perfect, don’t be too hard on yourself

  4. I really need to strengthen my core because it’s causing me a lot of back pain and my left side is way weaker than my right side, and also tone my stomach. I hope this workout works I have heard such good things about it so see you on day 8!

  5. Hello!
    When do You recomend to do these workouts to have the best results? ( morning, afternoon, evening) And the never ending question – workouts before eating or after?
    Looking forward to your answer:)))

  6. Voy a hacerlo, pero por favor, la transformación que nos muestras en el 1:09… Ojalá yo pueda acabar como empezó ella. Estoy en un punto de partida muuchooo peor… así que ganas, paciencia y confianza. Os contaré. Gracias Lilly

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