38 thoughts on “8-Minute Flat-Belly Workout With Astrid Swan”

  1. uhm..don't know…8 minutes with the same muscle group…how? and the modification was not beginner or intermediate friendly…

  2. All you do is work upper abs the entire time with this work out. 8 minutes of crunches is what this should be called. Totally lacks diversity. I will not be repeating this workout ever again.

  3. This doesn’t really feel effectual to me. It’s just crunches in different leg positions

  4. did this workout yesterday and b/c of my allergies i have been sneezing all day and let me tellll youu i am feeelinggg ittttt

  5. wow, really worked my top 2 ab muscles…what about the rest??? pointless to concentrate this long on half of your abs, really is. Not to mention its a recipe for terrible form and potential injury.

  6. This workout is so great it really work but it is hard and painful, but absolutely amazing!! Love the instructor too!!

  7. can some confirm that you really lose the whole belly fat lets say 5-10kg. do you need to do it everyday for how long?

  8. too long for most people to do and they will end up pulling on their neck. You didn't even mention this or to keep the chin up.

  9. Disappointing. Everything involves crunching. There are so many alternatives that work just as well without the pressure on the neck and shoulders.

  10. I tried Autumn Calabrese's ab workout and Raneir Pollard's ab workouts on this channel and I have to say THIS video here takes the cake- I started feeling the effects later on the same day. I will say due to the neck strain, I just did the modified version on some of them when I was getting too tired and I struggled to lift with my chest. Raneirs ab video is really good too, might switch these two up for variety. Autumn's is great if you like doing planks- which I don't. I struggle with the form, I never feel the after effects so I don't know If I'm even targeting the ab muscles properly, and my lower back ends up straining even if I do the modified versions.

  11. The breathing thing actually really helped! I feel like the more often I breath, the more reps I can do!

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