41 thoughts on “A Flat-Belly and Tight-Booty Workout Celebs Love | Class FitSugar”

  1. This is wonderful, though I'm yet to get all the moves right, I still sweat it out. thanks JJ, you make burning fat interesting

  2. I’ve done this workout several times and still love it, make me look and feel good, so keep the videos with JJ coming!

  3. instructions were never a problem for me because I used to dance a lot, but you can see so much improvement in giving those in comparison to her video from 2015. all her workouts are simply amazing, there is nothing else like that on youtube. kisses from Poland JJ!

  4. I am new to her channel and I have been looking for workouts that are fun cause I am a kid and I struggle with weight loss for a long time. This looks like just what I need to lose weight, have fun and beautiful body.

  5. These women are so beautiful and positive, makes me motivated to exercise 🙂
    The girl in the middle has amazing style and amazing body goals.

  6. OMG! That was too fun! Hard but fun! I am drenched in sweat!!! Love it! Will do this twice a week and do other workouts in between!

  7. JJ and Jenna I'm stweating baebee! So much so I spelled sweat wrong lol. I modified this exercise because I didn't want to get on the floor. My modifications were on point!!! I'm gonna take a before picture and then will later post an after. I'm gonna do this routine for 5 days per week for 2 weeks and post my results. Thank you for the inspiration. Y'all have a new subbie. This was an amazing ordeal for me being that I have had two spontaneous pnuemothorax the last requiring VATS surgery. I ran a little today for the first time as well. I'm feeling good #YEA

  8. wow, Amy is good!!! I've never seen her in other videos before!! Btw this workout was such a challenge!!!

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