Ab Workout At Home | 15 MINS | Get Flat Belly Fast

15 min intense abs workout to get shredded abs! Try this workout out along with healthy diet to get abs. Diet plays a very important role in getting abs!

Wearing Gymshark Sports Bra:

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28 thoughts on “Ab Workout At Home | 15 MINS | Get Flat Belly Fast”

  1. . Done! Arms first time= done! Second time= done too!

    Day 52: legs done!

    Day 53: Active rest day. I finished the 10 mins full body of yesterday. Lower abs too!

    Day 54: Only three more days (including today) before the end of the challenge! I’m doing the 28 minutes full body! I thought it was another one but actually its one of the hardest of this challenge! But I’ll be able to finish it! Ok this was killer and torture I wanted to give up! BUT, the two last sets were actually not that bad since with the challenge I developed the required muscles to do their exercises.

    Day 55: I can’t believe I am almost done!! Abs from yesterday: done! Arms done! Chest done! I think I will keep the 15 mins abs for after work cause I don’t want to be late.

    Day 56: Last day! Since I didn’t finish the 15 mins abs yesterday, that leaves me with in total 55 minutes of training. That’s the most I’ve ever done of hers but, since it’s the last day and it will be followed by one week of rest, I will do it all. 15 mins abs done, full body done, legs done. 2018 8 WEEKS SUMMER SHREDDING CHALLENGE DONE!

    Review and results

    Last day measurements: gained half a pound, lost 1.5 inch on my breast and lost 1 inch on my waist!

  2. We now have episode 1 which is a 30 min full body. I’m done with the first tier which means I did 25 mins today. I will try to do a little bit more but I probably won’t finish it today. 🙁 So I’ve done half of the video I will call it done for today. See you tomorrow.

    Day 44: Wow only 12 more days and I’m done! I just finished 30 mins full body of yesterday. I had another 10 mins full body to do so let’s do that. I walked 30 minutes to see my friend now I’m doing the 10 minutes full body. Done! This was very intense! I just saw that tomorrow was supposedly an active rest day. I will have to complete the 3 exercises from today…

    Day 45: Active rest day (technically). I just completed ep. 2 without pausing which is nice! Water break now! Abs done! Only took one little pause! 15 minutes abs: done!! So I’m done for today! Up to date that’s nice!

  3. . Full body done!

    Measurements: I’ve gain a little weight in the past week. I don’t know if its because of Christmas or of my lack of motivation. Anyways, I will keep going!

    Day 30: Abs= done. Wow! I’m still there at day 30! I did more than half. I can’t give up. Arms and upper body 1st time: done! 2nd done too. I took less breaks today so I’m proud of myself.

    Day 31: Back and motivated. I’m done with intense legs. HIIT is done. This is so hard and intense but it feels great afterwards.

    Day 32: Active rest day. MERRY CHRISTMAS

    Day 33: I’m done with the abs from last day. Now on today’s program I got 2 times arms and abs and one time abs. Wish me good luck. First time of arms and abs done. It is hard but not to much.

    I wanted to take some measurements because with Christmas, you know. I almost did not gain inches or weight so that’s nice.

    Day 34: I did not do much yesterday. So I will finish yesterday’s and today’s workout today. Second time arms and abs: done! I did not take extra breaks, which means PROGRESS! 15 minutes abs done! I think I’m getting better at this one too

  4. First video done! Second done! Wait… So you’re telling me I got to do this one again… :=(

    Day 13: Argh I didn’t had time to do the last video of yesterday so that leaves me 3 videos for today. I can do it! I’m done with yesterday. Full body now! Done! I really feel like I’m getting better at this! Done with the last exercise! Yeah!!

    Took some new measurements: I’ve lost a few inches everywhere and lost about 3 pounds since the beginning of this challenge! Results are showing, but you have to stay consistent, and not give up!

    Day 14: Active rest day. Took a 30-minute walk with my sister.

    Week 3:

    Day 15: Back at it again. At least there is only one video for today. This workout is so hard what the heck. Okay, done. This was hard as heck! Ouff! Ain’t got no cardio but this program challenges me.

    Day 16: Wow! I’m still there! First workout here we go! First done! It gets easier. Second exercise wasn’t too hard. One last! Don! It got easier too!

    Day 17: Active rest day.

    Day 18: LEG DAY!!! Wow my favourite! I would have like more booty and leg exercises on this program… I think my next program will be 35 days booty challenge. First video done! (measurements) Challenging but not too hard. Okay! Second one was really hard ouf!

    Day 19: Okay! Done with the first video, three more to go! Second video: Done and hard as always. Third video: done! This was challenging.

    Day 20: I had to finish the fourth exercise of yesterday today. It was okay a great burn. Now full body! Done! This was hard… Last video done! I will take some measurements later.

    Measurement results: I can’t believe I am still losing inches! Watching yourself get your ideal body is so satisfying! I am suppose to get a breast reduction surgery in the up coming year but at this point I’m not even sure I will need it anymore. Thank you Chloe xox

    Day 21: Active rest day!

    Week 4:

    Day 22: This first one was pretty hard. I had to pause a lot. Now I just want to get the second one done. Okay this was hard but I’ve done it even if I wasn’t so motivated anymore. Proud of me.

    Day 23: First is done. I don’t want to do arms again but here we go. Second time done. It was harder this time. Okay, I’m done for the day. See you tomorrow comment section.

    Day 24: I’m done with the legs. I pushed myself and it made it harder. Now its abs time.

    Day 25: Active rest day. I had to finish the last 5 minutes of yesterday’s workout today.

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